Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mr. Schneider the Maligner

By Jeff Simpson

One of my sons favorite children's fiction authors is Dan Gutman, who is known for his catchy titles. Let me offer a suggestion for his new book, about someone who writes fiction almost daily. 

The thing about Christian Schneider is, since he is paid well by the Bradley Foundation, they delpoy him whenever a republican is in trouble.   This time the person he was told to try and save is Van Wanggaard.   The further that the employees are in trouble, the further Mr. Schneider has to stretch the truth.   If this column is any indication triple dipping Wanggaard is in major trouble.

But even more so, Wanggaard was worried for his family. Not only had the Capitol building been overtaken by protesters for the previous few weeks, but Wanggaard himself had been subjected to personal death threats. Protesters had shown up at his home to demonstrate. While he was away in Madison and his wife was home alone, Wangaard said the phone would ring in the middle of the night with a heavy breathing voice on the other end of the line threatening his life. His daughter, who has a different last name, received a call from an individual threatening to kill her Dalmatian.

Eight minutes after GOP senators took the floor, and with Democrats absent while protesting the vote in Illinois, the vote was done and the Senate adjourned. Wanggaard voted for the bill, knowing the effect it would have on the state and the nation, but also knowing what it would do for his political career.

On the night of June 5, 2012, as Republicans around the state celebrated Walker's recall win, Wanggaard was recalled from office by a slim 819 votes. "I lost my job because I did my job," he said.

 Two things here,

1. When I wrote the oped everything had to be airtight.  I call BS on the "death threats", unless it was the imaginary friend who used to hang out with my daughter when she was younger.  Her name was Sparkle. 

The protests in the Capitol were very peaceful, so peaceful in fact, that any time some crazy person even gave the remote hint of a threat the republicans took it roadrunner fast to the police AND the media.  They ran up every instance they could possibly find up a flag pole to let us all know what victims they were.  

I wonder if Schneider has police reports to back up what he wrote?  

2.   When you vote against something and you "know"  it will cost you your job, maybe you are not quite getting the concept of representative democracy. 

Seriously VOTE Randy Bryce!

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  1. Based on the flimsy evidence Christian Schneider has to back up his claims, it is just as likely that State Rep. Bill Kramer called Wanggaard.