Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Crazy Campaign of Amardeep Kaleka

Last fall, while endorsing Rob Zerban for Congress, I pointed out to some of the bizarre doings from his primary opponent, Amardeep Kaleka.  Among the oddities were the fact that Kaleka was running his campaign from California and some personal beliefs that one might not expect from a serious candidate.

Since then, Zerban has been running a solid campaign - attending events, fundraising and calling out Paul Ryan's nonsense and maleficence at every turn.

Meanwhile, Kaleka appears to be running more some sort of stunt than a serious political campaign.

Over the past month or so, he has sent out not just one, but two, fundraising emails with the same curious sales pitch on why people should donate:

For $10, he'll get one vote? What, is he planning on paying people to vote for him? That might work in California, but it's definitely against the law in Wisconsin (with Republicans thinking that they are exempt, of course).  And he needs $2 to have someone knock on doors? Don't most politicians have volunteers to do that?

Kaleka doesn't end the crazy there either.

On his Facebook page, he's been touting this:

Look past the curious choice of using a picture of a debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon for a minute to look at the wording.  He's saying that the first 100 people can watch this debate for free, but then what? He's going to charge everyone after that to see him lose his butt to Zerban?

Oh, and Kaleka has another problem with this. Zerban has not agreed to anything with Kaleka.  Kaleka is selling a false bill of goods...sort of like his campaign.

It would seem that Kaleka is pretty obsessed with raising cash.  While money, unfortunately, still place way too large of a role in politics, this trickery is way beyond the usual fundraising gimmicks.  Maybe he's still trying to raise money for his UFO documentary.  Maybe it's something else.  

All I know is that he is an unfortunate distraction from the important work that Rob Zerban is doing there in getting a real, progressive message out, supporting working people and small business owners and putting the power back in the hands of the people.

If you can, please help support Rob Zerban as he finally gets rid of that twice-damned fool, Paul Ryan.  

You can learn more about Rob Zerban at his website and you can help support his campaign by donating here.


  1. Beam me up Scotty!

  2. You are absolutely right. When Zerban accused Kaleka of being a terrorist is a real concern. Vote for an AMERICAN, vote Zerban.

    A Zerban Supporter

    1. Racist.

      Kaleka for Congress

    2. Stop with the sock puppetry. It isn't fooling anyone.

      But it typical of the self-absorbed fools that would still be Ryan supporters in this day and age. You know, the guy who won't even have his book your stop in the district he allegedly "represents".