Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That's Not Debatable

In the Milwaukee area, with two weeks to the primary election, there were two very important debates scheduled for Tuesday night.

Chris Moews
One debate was for the candidates running for Milwaukee County Sheriff.  Somehow, the incompetent failed to show for the debate.  Apparently, he's not interested in keeping his job since he is so willing to insult the voters and/or so afraid of  his opponent, Chris Moews.
incumbent, David Clarke,

At least it gave Moews the chance to shine and show that he is easily the better choice.

The other debate was between the candidates for Assembly District 19, which include Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, Jonathan Brostoff, Sara Geenen and Abele Party Candidate Dan Adams.

Marina Dimitrijevic
It has been reported to me that Dimitrijevic was very polished and presented herself very well.  Likewise,
Brostoff showed that he is no slouch and also did well for himself.  Geenen appeared to be very intelligent but timid.

That said, it was Dan Abele Adams that provided the comedic relief for the evening.  Not did he only prove himself to be a dyed-in-the-wool Abelebot, but spent a great deal of time trying to convince the audience he really is a Democrat.  Between that and trying to justify Act 14, which concentrated power in Milwaukee County in Chris Abele's inept hands, he had members of the audience laughing at him.

Here's a pro tip for Abele-Adams: If you're running for office in one of the most progressive districts in the state and you have to waste time trying to convince people that you're really a Democrat two weeks before the primary, you've got serious problems.


  1. I would say Sara was not timid in her speaking but in her body language. She is very petite and made herself even seem smaller by curling herself into the microphone. At the very last statement she did sit up more. She obviously is well spoken and smart, I agree.

  2. So showing up for a debate means that you're capable of running the largest law enforcement agency in the state? Do you have any real reasons why Moews should be elected or is it "Anybody-But-Clarke?"

    1. If you can't show up for a debate how can you run anything?