Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Waukesha's Independence Day

By Jeff Simpson

Since Robin Vos and the republican party have decided that Wisconsin Taxpayers should be paying  GOP leader Bill Kramer's full salary and benefits, I wonder if he was able to get out and march in any Independence day parades around Waukesha.   Since Kramer is the "perfect" rep for Waukesha, I would think they would have made him the Grand Marshall!   


  1. By the way, Walkershaw Co GOP official Keith Best was trolling Facebook yesterday complaining about the League of Women Voters and saying LIE-bham and Gross-mann were right to duck their debate in WI-6.

    The same Keith Best who allegedly covered up Kramer's first round of sexual harassment, and said porting Kramer would help him clean up his act.

    They're a classy group there in 262 GOP land, aren't they?

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