Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXVI

Scott Walker likes to boast that he created such a business friendly environment in Wisconsin.  It's so business friendly that businesses aren't making it and are consolidating their job sites and closing facilities and cutting jobs:
ArcRon LLC, a metal fabrication shop in Menomonee Falls, will shut down its facility there and move the work to its Kenosha location, according to a letter the company sent to the state.

Engendren Corp. owns ArcRon, which employs 42 people at the facility. All of those positions will be eliminated, which is expected to begin Aug. 31 until the facility closes on Dec. 31.
The article goes on to say that many of the employees will have a choice of either making an hour long commute of moving their families scores of miles. The other issue that would concern me is if the company is on such poor footing thanks to Walkernomics, what are its chances of surviving in this bleak economy?

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