Thursday, July 17, 2014

Walker Must Have Outsourced His Campaign Staff

Scott Walker has come out with yet another negative attack ad (just how bad is his internal polling?) attacking Mary Burke with in regards to her company, Trek, outsourcing jobs to China.

I will admit that this has been a sticking point for me when it comes to Burke.  Not the biggest one, but something that I do take into consideration.

That said, just like Walker did with his attack on land deals, he is coming at her with a great disadvantage that makes this attack laughable.

Walker launched this ad just days after it came out that his epic failure, WEDC (Walker's Economy Destroying Cronies), had given millions of dollars to at least two companies that used it to outsource jobs overseas.  To make matters worse, WEDC gave one of the companies more even more money after the fact!

It's fair to criticize Burke for outsourcing jobs, but at least it was her company and her money.  But what Burke might have done pales in comparison to Walker using taxpayer dollars to do the very same thing.

There are two other things that make Walker's attack on Burke as impotent as his hair growth products.

One is that Walker had Trek featured on the WEDC website as one of Wisconsin's success stories.  Walker has become so hypocritical, even he doesn't know what he supports anymore.

The other thing is that his administration has come out singing the praises of outsourcing:
But a few short hours later, Gov. Walker's top economic official defended the practice of outsourcing.

"We are in a global marketplace and some companies, to be successful financially, need to outsource," said Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation CEO Reed Hall.

Hall was responding to questions about a 27 News story from last week, which showed at least two companies that received tax credits from WEDC later outsourced Wisconsin jobs to foreign countries.

A 27 News investigation uncovered that both the Eaton Corporation and Plexus Corporation received financial awards from WEDC, only to later lay off workers whose jobs were taken by employees at the companies' foreign facilities.

"I'm sorry that they temporarily had to outsource some jobs, but I think ultimately over the long-term its gonna be a great win for Wisconsin with both these companies," said Hall.
Needless to say, Walker has yet to find a strong point that he can successfully attack Burke. And the more he flails about like this, the more desperate he starts to look. That's not a good thing for an incumbent with just over three months to the election.

On a side note, I have a personal peeve with Walker's commercial.  If you watch his ad to the very end, Walker uses a version of my tag line of "There's more.  There's always more."

I knew I should have had that patented, dammit!  That dirty, thieving weasel!


  1. and the workers in China are making bikes that are sold in China. It cuts down on the transportation costs and helps them enter the low cost bicycle market in China.

  2. My immediate reaction was that Scotty's polling must be terrible if he decided to shoot this missile 3 1/2 months before the election (and a dud at that, as Trek's president/ Burke's brother has already called it out as false).

    Then again, I guess he knew there was going to be another job report showing lost jobs today (worst 6 months of job growth in Walker's tenure so far), so he's trying whatever he can to deflect. Now he's trying to go fundie and knock down Common Core? This guy must be leaking support right and left!

    Oh, there's more alright. Mostly involving more misuse of taxpayer funds for travel and cronies, 3 more WEDC Board meetings, budget deficits and more lame job reports. Good luck winning on that one, Scotty!

    1. Jake @7:23 --

      I'm responding to your post, because I've followed your posts here, as well as your blog, and also recently dealing with things like Anon. @8:15, "progressive joe," or whatever they call themselves.
      I was looking at "The Political Environment," and you brought up the 2011 Karl Rove operation that is like what we are now seeing on left wing blogs.
      Considering recent John Doe, with SKW emailing Karl Rove -- it really exposes Walker as a Rove lapdog, while Rove thinks of the religious right, that Walker plays and depends on, as a bunch of "nutjobs" ("Look, we suckered all those nutjob Christian fundies out of their votes and their money").
      Rove and Walker regard their religious backers as suckers, all the while actually pushing their economic backers.

  3. The tag line you boast about is trite, overused, tiresome, and childish.

    What's more -- unfortunately, you are not the only bad writer that uses that schtick.

    Do us all a favor -- drop the meaningless garbage in your prose and just get to your point.

    Then, when walker uses the same tiresome, trite, overused, and meaningless cliche's; you can point out his inability to write coherently.

    Instead of highlighting your inability to do so...

  4. 8:15:

    You wrote: "The tag line you boast about is trite, overused, tiresome, and childish."

    Isn't there a lot of overlap among trite, overused and tiresome? Isn't there especially a lot of overlap between "overused" and "tiresome?"

    You wrote: "What's more -- unfortunately, you are not the only bad writer that uses that schtick."

    "What's more," is an idiom. What function does it have in that sentence that's any different from "unfortunately?" Wouldn't it be better to use one or the other?

    You wrote: "Do us all a favor...."

    Do you have mice in your pocket?

    You wrote: " -- drop the meaningless garbage in your prose and just get to your point."

    That looks pretty clean.

    You wrote: "Then, when walker..."

    If you're going to criticize someone else's writing, it's probably a good idea not to make such an obvious error.

    You wrote: "uses the same tiresome, trite, overused, and meaningless cliche's;"

    Since you've already used "tiresome, trite, overused, and meaningless," I think that sentence would have been a lot more effective if you would have just dropped them.

    You wrote: "you can point out his inability to write coherently."


    You wrote: "Instead of highlighting your inability to do so..."

    Completely unnecessary and gratuitous.

    Capper's got a full time job, a family, and elder care responsibilities. In addition to that, he's got heavy duties with a wide array of unions. On top of that, a lot of folks with access to a lot of sensitive information that the main-stream media and other liberal blogs refuse to print, trust him to get their message out.

    If you want to lead a fund drive to get 1,000 people to kick in $10/month, I bet he could afford to hire a good editor.

    1. bwah ha ha ha ha!

      So you're not a writing teacher, are you!

      What a petty little man.

    2. Looks like the Knotsies can't counter the substance of Capper's post, so they go petty with nonsense.

  5. Walker is a pathetic sicko and failure. He brings nothing to this state except out of state campaign contributions and failed economic policy. He is a cheap shot artist.

  6. Walker's ad shows a great deal of immaturity. That is why it will resonate well with Walker's base.

  7. The add the uses the little kids is well beyond sick. These Koch addicts have no shame, no morals.

  8. Nice job Capper. The right wing nut comments reaffirm you hit Mr. Walker where it hurts.

  9. Ain't this country great. Where else could you get kicked out of college, win a recall election against an inept county executive, run your own inept and corrupt administration, falsely represent your agenda in your campaign for Governor, get elected and engage in demogoguery to destroy the public sector unions in Wisconsin, send billions of dollars Washington for personal political agendas, be the subject of of a john doe investigation, constantly be absent from office while raising millions of out-of-state contributions, survive a recall election, ruin the state's economy while running an inept and corrupt administration, be the subject of another john doe investigation...and still think you are presidential material.

    1. If you look at the quality of the other expected Republican Presidential candidates, you would realize the Scott Walker is competitive. Even Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are looking like contenders.