Sunday, July 6, 2014

Good Golly, Miss Molly, Sure Has A Lot Of Gall

With the primary election day a scant five weeks away, most candidates are out practicing shoe leather politics, meaning that they are going door to door to meet with voters, hear what is important to them and to ask for their support.  Even if the candidate doesn't have a primary to worry about, they are usually still out there doing doors.

One notable exception to this rule of thumb is Molly McGartland, one of the Republican candidates running in a primary for the chance to lose to the Democratic incumbent, Christine Sinicki.  Instead of going to do doors, McGartland is holding "office hours" at The Country Club Tavern, a dive bar in Cudahy:

In other words, she is inviting her would be constituents to come spend their money at her bar and she will listen to their concerns.  While this is probably legal, it sure is sketchy as hell and more than a bit tacky.

If this is how she has chosen to run her campaign, it's not surprising that she is a perpetual candidate, having run several times for the same seat before with the same results.

As I was checking out just who McGartland was, I ran across a few other interesting things.

On her website, McGartland claims that she wants to be the "competent representative" for AD 20 and that she is fiscally conservative.  Despite these claims, I haven't seen any explanation for the money troubles she has had.

A couple of things from her campaign website should make one question her competency, such as her grammatically and spelling challenged maybe not:
When asked how I would vote on various issues, I explain to voters that I see the world through a conservative lens.  America and our consititution [sic] is a wonderful experiment in freedom; protecting our life, our liberty, and the right to pursue our best, and reap the rewards of our hard work.  I will defend the individual's freedom to do for themselves, with out [sic] the interference of government. There is a clear difference in how my opponent and I see the roll of government.  I believe in a free market society governed by a small limited government and my opponent believes in a large centralized government that chooses winners and loosers [sic].

Please use the following form to contact me with any specific issue and I'll be happy to respond.
I'm sure that will be a winning slogan for McGartland: Vote for me becuz I am da conserfativish one!

I don't know much about the other Republican candidate but I sure hope that McGartland makes it through the primary so that she can enjoy another routing by Representative Christine Sinicki.

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  1. Forgot this: "... I see the roll [sic] of government..."