Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Joel Kleefisch Rest Area

The rest area on westbound I-94 near Lake Mills has been closed for a few days for a disturbing reason:
The rest rooms and drinking fountains of the west-bound rest area on I-94 at Johnson Creek
will remain closed until tests show the water system is clear of fecal coliform.

Officials say the soonest that could happen is Wednesday afternoon.

Thomas VanBeek of the state Department of Transportation said that the rest rooms are closed at the rest area, but the parking area and vending machines are open.

The rest area is located in Jefferson County between Milwaukee and Madison.

The restrooms closed on Monday afternoon after a well test determined the presence of fecal coliform in the water.
The article points out that the cause for the bacterial infestation is unknown.

The cynic in me wouldn't be surprised if they did know the cause.  After all, there has been reports of massive liquid cow manure polluting our waterways and there is the well-known story of how Herr Environmental was spreading three times the legal amount of human waste, polluting people's personal wells with the effluent.

Considering that State Representative Joel Kleefisch used his influence to try to minimize the consequences for this illegal dumping - not to mention the related cover up in the company's records - I think it would only be appropriate for the rest area to be named after him.

The name change would be very appropriate considering the rest area is full of crap and doesn't serve its purpose to help people.


  1. Joel Kleefisch and his wife LIKE eating and drinking sh!t. They just want to share their passion for scat.

    This is one way to give businesses more love (the other way is for Rebecca Kleefisch to blow and have intercourse with as many business owners as her body will allow her to have on a given day).

  2. Related reading material which alos includes some great graphics listing CAFOs throughout the state.

  3. The current DNR and legislature will do little to protect our water. If CAFOs were required to build biodigesters rather than employ 'manure nutrient management' most of the well contamination problems would be eliminated. The biodigesters, in turn, could provide power for the farm and possibly related properties. Why, why, why we don't look to solutions rather than passing the buck, I will never understand. Never.

  4. Great for tourism! Come to WI the land of e coli. WI open for business and deadly bacteria!

    Maybe we can take a few million dollars and get some 80s movies actors to make another commercial

  5. Libertarian theory demand that the people infected by this bacteria either learn not to patronize the facility or die off thereby creating a smarter population that will avoid the rest stop through natural selection.

  6. Who knew what great surprises would be in store from the DNR's "Chamber of Commerce" mentality. Instead of safely managing our state's natural resources, we can turn everything into a business opportunity!
    Get the Kleefischs to have the DNR partner with the state marketing board, even the dairy board, making cow manure into a cash cow for the state.
    Make cow pies and cow chips into a wholesome, nutritious purchase at your local grocers. Make friends with others by exporting the new culinary delight to other states and countries.
    Turn deadly contamination from being a problem into a win-win for business and the taxpaying public.

  7. I'm unable to comprehend why anyone that claims to be a sportsman would support a republican. Why can't they see that frac sand mining, mercury emissions, phosphate runoff, forests fenced off for studies, wetland destruction, huge open pit mining, etc. run counter to a hunter or angler's interests?

    1. because they are stupid ?

    2. Because guns?? And a double dip of stupid!

  8. A little off topic but still related to Wisconsin meat production...has anyone seen a connection between balzano sausage (mke), black earth meats and now cargill shutting down?

    Aapparently Wisconsin is supposed to have a usd program for small biz meat producers to ship over state lines but they're all getting shut down. In Ohio more than 15 small meat biz's have been taking advantage of the program.

    I'm just speculating but does koch bros have meat/animal production plants here in Wisconsin? Are small/artisan/environmentally friendly meat guys being shut down by walker's admin so his buddies can move in?

  9. It's worth pointing out here that Kleefisch does have an opponent:

  10. I hear he is in line for Chair of the Fat, Drunk and Stupid ASSembly Committee.