Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Only In Wisconsin

BY Jeff Simpson

ONLY in Wisconsin could the #morefreedom #moreliberty #lessgovernment Republican party of Wisconsin, advocate for people to be able to bring cameras into polling places and video people as they vote. 

Wisconsin's election board rejected the request of Republican lawmakers on Monday and decided to keep in place a ban on using cameras at polling stations after the NAACP and others raised concerns about voter intimidation.
The Government Accountability Board, on a 4-2 vote, went along with other changes affecting election observers — including requiring them to show photo identification at the polls — and sent the proposed rule to the Legislature.
Republicans in control could choose to rewrite the rule, including allowing cameras, but it won't be done in time for the Aug. 12 primary or the Nov. 4 general election barring a special legislative session.
Republican co-chairs of the state Senate and Assembly elections committees had requested the changes, including allowing cameras. Messages left with those lawmakers — Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin, and Rep. Kathy Bernier of Lake Hallie — were not immediately returned.
At least cooler heads prevailed for the moment.  It is a sign of things to come though if we do not turn out and vote in November!   


  1. Considering how many people Walker has fired for signing the recall petition, it is understandable why photographing how people voted is intimidating.

  2. Why do these women, Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin and Rep. Kathy Bernier of Lake Hallie, have such a perverted view of privacy? Do they need video of themselves voting to prove to their constituents they actually support the party they have sided with? Do they wish to video black and latino voters only?

  3. Ironic...the dirty rotten REPUBLICAN sons of bitches don't want their pictures taken of them sleeping, picking their noses or making midnight votes in the Assembly Chambers. Bastards.

    1. Remember the 60's Secret Agent Man with the gun disguised as a camera? Now guns are permitted in chamber but cameras are not.