Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wisconsin - a State of Fear

By Jeff Simpson

While it is well documented that Wisconsin has recovered much more slowly than the rest of the nation from the Great Recession.   In times of economic trouble, it always brings out the scam artists and the people of Wisconsin have been hit on both ends.   

First door to door:

Scammy door-to-door sales people are misleading homeowners in Milwaukee and Janesville into signing contracts for security systems, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection said in a warning Wednesday.
Six consumers with Milwaukee addresses have filed complaints with the state since July 1. The consumers said they were tricked into signing multi-year contracts and were ripped off, according to state officials. The consumers paid by check.
The Janesville Police Department put out a similar warning about door-to-dooor sales people last week after receiving three reports of "suspicious adult males attempting to enter homes with existing security systems homeowners."
"They are requesting to come into the house to check the existing security system to make sure it is working properly," the police advisory said. "No thefts or issues have occurred. However, the residents felt uncomfortable with the unsolicited contacts."
State officials said the sales people lied their way into homes in Milwaukee.

Secondly, we are getting hit right in our pocketbooks, by someone else who lied his way into our homes:

 Documents released by the Walker administration Friday afternoon show that Walker’s security in 2013 was a staggering $2.23 million, compared to just $657,457 for Gov Jim Doyle in 2010. Overall, taxpayers have spent more than $5.75 million on security for Walker, to include at least 110 out-of-state trips to partisan events, a family vacation to the Bahamas, and on fundraising trips to places like New York, Georgia, and Arkansas.

Incredibly, Walker even took 5 security guards with him to the Republican National Convention, a National Special Security Event under the protection of the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI.

The figure also includes 24/7 security for two homes.

Be very wary of the two scam artists lining their pockets while preying on our fears!  



  1. Scott Walker is a grifter and flim flam man selling us jobs he has not created, selling us a bullshit vision of conservative dogma, and selling the assets of the state to his cronies in exchange for contributions. He is a reprehensible piece of shit.

  2. Walker is a total loser !

  3. Walker also uses taxpayer-financed transportation to travel between his two homes and elsewhere. Lisa Kaiser at Shepherd Express has covered his use of the state jet, and SKW has billed taxpayers $221,046 thus far in 2014 through end of June, way up from the $133,044 spent for last half 0f 2013 and $160,000 for the first half of last year.

    Many of his travels are to visit the businesses of campaign donors, closed to the public, where he'll have a photo op and talk up job creation to the local press. The state plane cannot be used solely for political functions, although SKW can pay back the state for costs of campaigning stopovers added on to official flights.

  4. Scott Walker is Wisconsin's bagman. And whatever happened to that talk about the Brown Bag Movement?

  5. I actually remember all of those well, I also remember this

    1. I also remember when Scott Walker seriously considered using violence in the peaceful Capitol and only ruled it out because he did not think it would help him politically,.

      I also remember him bragging about his Louisville Slugger.

  6. Understand? I think what you mean is to be able to parrot talking points to justify ripping off the taxpayer to schmooze with the elites. Braindead Sykesbot