Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Endorsement: Marina Dimitrijevic For Assembly District 19

It was apparent from the beginning that the race for Assembly District 19, which became an open seat as Jon Richards set off to run for Attorney General, would be a most interesting race.  There are four Democrats, three of which would make wonderful representatives for that district.

During the past several weeks, I have been tracking the race and watching how the candidates fared.

Marina Dimitrijevic

By and far, Dimitrijevic was the candidate to beat throughout the race.  She entered the race early with an established campaign machine and was easily the most recognizable name due to her ten years on the Milwaukee County Board and currently the Chairwoman of that entity.  I did an interview with her at the end of last year, which you can read here.

Marina Dimitrijevic
She also started out with a very impressive list of endorsements.  On the political side, she was quickly endorsed by U.S. Representative Gwen Moore, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Former Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton and Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski, to name just a few.  Likewise, Dimitrijevic also picked up the endorsements of most of the major unions including AFSCME, SEIU, the nurses' union, the sheriff's deputies, AFT, ATU and a number of others.

Recently, Dimitrijevic has also earned the support of Clean Wisconsin Action, Wisconsin Progress and the Wisconsin Gazette.

Dimitrijevic has run a good solid campaign, doing a lot of doors and a lot of phone banking.  Most notably, she has ran a positive campaign, focusing on her own achievements and what she brings to the table when she is elected.

Jonathan Brostoff

I also did an interview with Jonathan Brostoff at the end of last year.  Brostoff is the candidate that presents the largest challenge to Dimitrijevic.  He is an experienced campaigner, although this is his first go at it as the candidate.

Brostoff has many political connections, which reflects in his list of endorsements.  The politicians that are supporting Brostoff aren't quite the heavy hitters that Dimitrijevic has behind her, but are not to be taken lightly either.  That said, I do have to wonder how many of those endorsements have to do with the fact that Brostoff's boss is State Senator Chris Larson, who is also the minority leader of the Senate.  One thing missing from Brostoff's list of endorsements is any from unions or community groups.

Brostoff has been busting his tail, and probably more than a few pairs of shoes, doing doors in all sorts of weather.  Brostoff has also been very creative in his fundraising events, which have ranged from a "salsa social" to a karaoke event to laser tag.

Sadly, Brostoff, who had been running a positive campaign, has gone negative against Dimitrijevic, accusing her of supporting the whackadoodle Sheriff David Clarke.  What he is referencing is the Milwaukee County Board's action of restoring scores of deputy sheriff positions which Chris Abele had cut in this year's budget, thereby restoring good paying jobs for some of the county's finest men and women and maintaining public safety.

Sara Geenen

Sara Geenen was the first to announce her candidacy for this race.  Geenen is a labor lawyer for the Previant Law Firm and volunteers with the Milwaukee Public School System. I also had the opportunity to interview her at the end of last year, which can be read here.

Geenen is a very intelligent woman and would be a great asset to the fight against the many repressive and oppressive measures that have been and will be introduced by the Republicans.  Unfortunately for her, Geenen does not have the money or name recognition of Dimitrijevic or Brostoff.  She has not gained any political endorsements but does have the support of some private sector unions which are very passionate about her candidacy.

While I don't think Geenen will win this race, I hope she continues to stay in politics and runs again for another seat in the future.

Dan Adams

Dan Abele Adams is not as much as Democratic candidate as he is one for the Abele Party.  I have noted before that Adams and Chris Abele are very close.  Abele has held no less than four fundraisers for Adams and has given Adams a lot of support, both directly and indirectly.

Outside of Abele, Adams has not gained any significant endorsements and for good reason.

Adams has come out in favor of voucher schools and stated that he supports parts of Act 10.  Based on the two videos that he was able to produce, thanks to Abele's largesse, we do know that he is strongly opposed to potholes.and very much in favor of buy-partisanship.  He has shown himself to be the true plutocratic sock puppet by endorsing anything and everything that benefits the one 1% as well as things that would harm our most vulnerable citizens.

Judging from the word on the street, I don't want to say that Adams is doing poorly in this race, but if it weren't for Abele's money, he would have already given his concession speech.


As I had noted in the interviews that I had done last year, I was not sure who I would endorse in this race or if I would even endorse anyone.  Even now, I feel that Dimitrijevic, Brostoff and Geenen would make a good representative for the people in AD 19.

That said, it is undeniable that Dimitrijevic's long history of supporting unions, marriage equality, women's rights, voter's rights, accessible health care for all, the environment and sustainable energy gives her a hand up on the other candidates.  Add to that the fact that she is very familiar with how the likes of Scott Walker operates and has a proven track record on countering his malfeasance and has run a very positive campaign also gives her the edge of being the best candidate for the people of AD 19.

It is for these reasons, and many others, that I have proud to endorse Marina Dimitrijevic.

To learn more about Dimitrijevic, please visit her website and her Facebook page.  And if you are able to donate, please do so, because even though she is the best candidate, she still has to deal with all of the money that Abele is pouring into this race and attacking her on multiple levels.

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  1. Capper, much appreciated. You put on a clinic for a measured, informative, respectful way to go about the hard work of evaluating fellow Democrats in a primary.