Sunday, July 27, 2014

Congratulations To The 2014 Class of Emerge Wisconsin

From Wendy Strout, Executive Director of Emerge WI:
Every year around this time, 20-25 women officially become Emerge Wisconsin Alumnae.  They receive their certificate of graduation and their orange "e" pin that proudly lets others know they have completed the Emerge Wisconsin program.

This year, Emerge is proud to graduate 21 women from across Wisconsin who have proven their ability to run, their skills to win, and their commitment to increasing the number of Democratic women in office across Wisconsin.

Please help us congratulate our newest Emerge Alumnae:
Image courtesy of Emerge Wisconsin 
Cecilia Anguiano, Racine 
Anne Arndt, Wisconsin Rapids 
Ann DeGarmo, Madison 
Jacki Gackstatter, Janesville 
Sharon Hampson, La Crosse 
Rellen Hardtke, River Falls 
Peggy Jerome, La Crosse 
Emily Kenney, Wauwatosa 
Zonia Lopez Chrostowski, Milwaukee 
Arvina Martin, Madison 
Anne Molineu, West Bend 
Julia McNally, Grafton 
Jackie Moore, Ashland 
Adrienne Oliver, Milwaukee 
Rebecca Ruechel, St. Francis 
Luz Sosa, Milwaukee 
Wendellyn Stallings, Sussex 
Kira Stewart, Madison 
Shelia Stubbs, Madison 
Katherine Svitavsky, La Crosse 
Leanne Wied, Brookfield

Over the past seven months, our graduates have spent hours honing their skills and preparing to run. We can't wait to announce their candidacy!

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