Friday, July 11, 2014

Bryn Biemeck For 63rd District

By Jeff Simpson

Bryn Biemick was  recently endorsed by pro life WI to represent the 63rd Assembly District in WI!

Pro-Life Wisconsin Endorses Bryn Biemeck

Village of Mount Pleasant - On July 8th, Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund released a list of candidates they were endorsing for the 2014 fall primary, and Bryn Biemeck was the only candidate endorsed in the 63rd Assembly District.

Matt Sande, director of the Victory Fund PAC, said in their press release, "We are proud to endorse these candidates who recognize the personhood of the preborn baby and who hold the principled and compassionate ‘no-exceptions' pro-life philosophy. Only when we have lawmakers who will fully protect preborn children as ‘persons' will we see an end to the scandal of legal abortion." The full press release and endorsement list can be found at their website

Bryn has been very vocal for the rights of the preborn and said the following on her webpage, "It is very important that we stand up for the right of every human being both born and unborn. Creating definitions of what is and isn't life is a slippery slope that causes the erosion of our core, fundamental rights." The entire statement can be found at

For more information contact Bryn at:

Remember that name and vote for Bryn on August 12th!!



  1. Ok, where does Bryn stand on protecting the born?

  2. Probably horrible, but thats not a priority of the party she represents!

  3. If she wants the government forcing birth, she's no friend of the Second Amendment.

  4. Neither is her why not bryn

  5. Why advo? I think Bryn winning would be very very good for WI!