Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scott Walker's China Problem


By Jeff Simpson

Despite the fact that Mary Burke was long gone before any outsourcing happened at Trek, Scott Walker is sticking to his pants on fire guns.  He posted this on facebook this afternoon. 

Still undisputed: Mary Burke profited from company that took taxpayer $ & sent jobs to places like China where avg rate is less than $2/hr

Apparently he either never knew or must have forgotten about the millions of dollars in taxpayer money WEDC gave to firms that then shipped jobs overseas.    He has also forgotten that his good buddy Paul Ryan ran on a presidential ticket where they bragged about the wonderful working conditions of China:

Scott Walker has also been to China a few times (on our dime) yet I can not find a single news paper article or story on where he complained about the labor while he was there.   As a matter of fact here he is in a meeting with Chinese Consul General Zhao Weiping, probably discussing how he can enact similar wages in WI:

While I do think we have a problem with the amount of outsourced jobs in this country, I do not think Scott Walker is the person to be complaining about it, especially from his glass high rise!   


  1. Please don't link to that jerkoff's Facebook page again. 30 seconds over there makes we want to take a shower to get off all the bitterness and racism that emanates from that guy's supporters.

    The hypocrisy and desperation in Walker's already-dying attack ad shows he (and the weak-minded losers who are left to support him) have nothing to run on. Perhaps we should remind our friends in the Wisconsin media of these taxpayer-funded trade trips overseas, and that Scotty doesn't seem as interested in higher wages back in the US

  2. Jake -- you don't understand -- the negative ads have nothing to do with getting people out to vote for walker or vote against burke.

    The reason these ads are used and blanket the airwaves, especially as November draws near, is because it disenfranchises votes and they are more likely to stay home.

    Anything that reduces turnout is a win for walker -- so your optimism is refreshing, but your dismissive attitude (posted across a small circle of blogs) is disappointing.

    This is not a slam dunk -- there is no polling data that verifies what you say -- there never will be. This is going to be a dogfight and Mary Burke is the underdog.

    Cheerleading across a small circle of blogs is not going to elect Mary Burke, but if this is all you can do, its better than nothing.

    There is nothing "desperate" in walker's approach -- the media is on his side and he will buy up the vast majority of radio & tv time.

    Check out today's propaganda at milwaukee journal sentinel -- they are proclaiming how well the closure of I94 into Milwaukee has been -- absolute lies!

    Closing the only main arterial into milwaukee is walker's version of christie's washington bridge -- on a weekend when the biggest convention of the year is in town (NML) and the top ethnic festival is running -- Italianfest.

    But journal communications says its all GREAT!

    So scott walker has little to fear and the rest of us that want to see change are going to have to do more than post snarky opinions about a sure victory -- defeating walker at the polls this fall will be a major lift and walker knows it.

    1. I understand that this thing isn't in the barn. But what I saying is that if this guy is already throwing a negative, lie-filled ad that can be shot full of holes 3 1/2 months before an election, they can't win it on their own ideas and actions.

      So they try to turn it into a mud fight and turn off enough voters so they can't pull the trigger for Burke, or not even vote at all.

      But the problem is that Walker has already ticked off far too many of us so there's no way we won't go to the polls to get rid of him, which is why this whole "go negative on China" strategy is loaded with fail, because it makes Walker look weak and whiny. And ticks off anyone who might be on the fence.

      Your concern is duly noted, particularly with the JS propaganda machine. But that's why we need to use social media like this instead of allowing the righties to let their BS stand without challenge.

  3. The Cult of Fond Wishes. Sorry to interrupt while all of your pants are down, I should have knocked.

    Anyway, Walker is going to "walk her" by 5 points or more. Start planning those "He cheated" blogs now.

  4. Wishful thinking Cindy, the popular vote curbs your dog in November.

  5. Don't bother knockin' because the house is a rockin'. Billionaire butt licker Walker is toast. The voters of Wisconsin are tired of carrying his career politician freeloading ass while he runs for higher office.

  6. Repeating nonsense to one another doesn't make it more credible. In fact it reeks of desperation. Good luck.

  7. As far as the above post calling this, nonsense to one another, and the earlier post that states that Walker has ticked off far to many. Well, guys that I talk with that voted republican in the past call me up and ask if I've heard anything about the John Doe probe and when will they finally prosecute Walker. I think they are ticked off with Walker, and want him gone.

  8. The timing of Walker's attack ad against Burke is interesting. With the Marquette poll due to come out this week, I'm sure the Walker campaign was hoping to soften Burke's support ahead of the poll. With recent John Doe revelations and sub par economic and job figures, Walker is at risk of losing some ground in the new poll and could be behind Burke for the first time.

    Second, it's interesting that the Walker campaign is going on the attack early. It does go to show they are taking Burke seriously. I also find it interesting that while Burke has been willing to sell herself and get on camera and talk directly to the voters of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has yet to do so in a TV ad for this particular race. There have been images of him in his ads, but not him talking to the voters. Perhaps the Walker campaign has figured out that the governor is too polarizing to do that.

    Ironically, Mary Burke doesn't fit the profile of the typical Dane County liberal candidate running for governor, much like what we saw with the sacrificial lambs that were up against Governor Tommy Thompson.

    This could be different.

  9. The next time someone sees Walker posing as a biker, will they PLEASE ask him (on camera) to comment on Harley-Davidson's recent inroads into the Chinese economy?

  10. I'm confused. Why is Walker implying that this is a bad thing when what he seems to be trying to do is get the wage of the average Wisconsin worker below $2 per hour?

    Is this just another one of his completely dishonest campaign commercials?

  11. Greg, I shared your confusion until I realized Scott Walker is a dirty rotten lying pants on fire career politician who never really created a job or made payroll and basically gives a rats ass about the people of Wisconsin.