Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Glenn Grothman Has No Mirrors

By Jeff Simpson

Glenn Grothman, who for some reason feels he has done enough in his time as an elected representative to warrant a promotion, made a pledge recently and even managed to do so with a straight face!

“Over the last three months as I’ve traveled throughout the 6th District meeting voters, I’ve heard a great deal of concern that they will get another Congressman who will be in Washington for 35 years like Congressman Petri.
“I, therefore, pledge to serve in Congress for a maximum of ten years, or five terms. The issues facing America are so pressing that we need to act now or we might lose our country altogether.
 So says the person who has been living off the taxpayers in WI and heading to Madison(for $88/day since 1993(for the voucher school alumni in the audience, that is 22 years).

Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

Unfortunately for our friends on the right, they really are left without a choice as Joe Leibham, who also incredibly feels he is deserving of a promotion, threw a temper tantrum and refuses to participate(Glenn followed closely behind in the boycott) in any voter forum that is affiliated with the non partisan League of Women Voters!   

Joe and Glenn have made it perfectly clear that no woman should ever question their authority!

Election season is silly season anyway, but made even worse when you throw in West Bend, and we are just getting warmed up! 

Please vote Mark Harris for Congress!  The rest of the world will thank you! 


  1. I urge all Republicans to vote for Glenn Grothman! Only he has the courage to introduce legislation categorizing single mothers as "child abusers." Mark Harris would never do such a thing.

  2. "Our rules don't apply to us." 21st Century GOP motto

  3. Mark Harris is a very bright and fiscally responsible candidate. He is well respected as a Democrat who is in his third term as Winnebago County Exec (a Republican area). Spread the word to vote for Mark Harris , for the 6th CD.

  4. I agree that Mark Harris is an excellent choice. Having previously lived in Oshkosh for 20 years I know that Mark is very down to earth, articulate and responsive to his constituents.

  5. Glenn Grothman said men care about money more than women. He is also known for constantly attending social functions to schmooze and get free meals and drinks, especially nonprofit fundraisers. Did Glenn acquire his current residence for a song from a little old lady going into foreclosure during the recession?

    1. I think he still lives in his parent's basement

    2. Nope -
      Just moved out.
      He had to move in order to get into the right district.
      He is from Wets Bend.

  6. My hope is that the Republican primary will turn into a strange bidding war where the term limit will actually be that they will not ever serve in congress or any political position ever again.

  7. After watching this PIG on wis eye during the mine hearings, i have no clue why or how he is in office. The big fat belly hanging out of his shirt was bad enough. But the chit stains on his shirt, greasy as hell hair, You just about could see the stink coming off of him like the peanuts kid.