Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXV

Forget explaining to me how well Scott Walker's agenda is working, explain it to these 200 people:
STEVENS POINT (WAOW) - A grocery company has announced the closing of a food distribution center in central Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, Roundy's, a midwest supermarket company, announced it is closing the Copp's distribution center in Stevens Point. Roundy's operates grocery stores, such as Pick N' Save and Copp's.

Workers say nearly 200 people are employed there.

For nearly 26 years, Tim Zoromski has been employed as a warehouse worker at the Copp's distribution center.

But now that's all changing.

"It's rough," Zoromski said. "It's going to be rough."

Tuesday afternoon, employees at the center received a letter saying the site will be closing.

"Where are we going to be going, what are we going to do next?" said Zoromski. "We really have no idea."
So, stealing money from people and giving it to Big Business who, in turn, uses it to pay off lobbyists and law makers isn't a good economic plan? Whodathunkit?


  1. Chairman bob is an ass -- be great to wipe his face off the grocery bags (and I won't tell you what I wipe with his pic n the bag, but I will share this -- I don't buy any koch bro toilet paper!

    Now if they would just shut down metro markets -- I might even acknowledge that to be a walker accomplishment.

    But in-terms of jobs, this guy really sucks and has to go. The CEO as a "rock star" and friend of the people is a meme that we should crush.

  2. so, they sell stores in Minnesota, and in turn need to downsize their distribution centers, and you blame this on Walker? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACH.

    1. Still, Roundy's runs all the Copp's food stores in northern Wisconsin, which have always been served by the Stevens Point distribution. Has Walker done anything to prevent Roundy's from closing this long-term Stevens Point employer?
      Scott Walker's job- and business-creation record continue to get worse and worse.