Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walker - Frequent Flier

By Jeff Simpson

"Have you been asleep for the past three years?" Walker said
Career politician Scott Walker was elected in 2010 and had one goal in mind:

One of Walker's first acts, wanting to jump ahead of the right wing agenda, was to try and end collective bargaining rights for all  most  public workers!   That did not go very well for him,

 Wisconsin protest 2011

 but he was never in danger physically just electorally.   Approximately 40+ MILLION dollars later, he survived the recall and could move on to bigger things, like campaigning for president.   The bad news though, besides that he thinks he can be president with the mess he has left in WI, is that the people of Wisconsin get to pay for his flying around the country and campaigning.

    A large part of the increase in spending on security came as a result of Walker's decision to add five members to the Dignitary Protection Unit, the official name of the security team, in the wake of the 2011 protests over Act 10.

· Taxpayers have paid some $978,000 to provide security for Walker's home in Wauwatosa — a figure that continues to rise sharply even though his two sons are in college and the governor has said he's spending more nights at the Executive Residence in Maple Bluff.

· Spending on items designated "other expenses" has increased by 716% in the past five years, with annual $600 clothing allowances for the security team; $975 bulletproof vests and iPads and iPad accessories for all 10 bodyguards; and a safe and car tinting.

· The number of out-of-state trips for which security has accompanied Walker has increased as his national profile rises and he is increasingly seen as a possible 2016 presidential contender. In 2011, he had state-funded security for 29 trips outside Wisconsin, a number that had risen to 47 by 2013.
Some people have liked to point out that you must actually be intimidated if you increase spending on security by 239% but that was his whole plan to begin with.   When you have to beat this guy in a republican primary:

You need to find a hook, what better way then to tell the crazies in the republican primary, your life is in danger daily because you stood up to the union thugs?  

However to answer your question, Mr. Walker, No I have not been asleep the last three years, we have been awake and noticed how badly you want to be president.   It is nice that we get to pay for your campaigning, I just wish we at least were able to get the frequent flier points!  


  1. Walker should be a full-time resident at the Executive Residence that we pay for. Reduce security at his home to bare minimum - like one or two Wackenhut bozos left over from his County Exec. debacle.

  2. Wow no wonder none of the rest of us ever get to see him. He always securely in Republican safe havens or behind factory walls wearing safety glasses. I always thought those glasses were to protect him from machines not unhappy citizens. We can save a lot of money but not electing him to another term!

  3. Walker's legislation and his chokehold on state worker wages contributed to Wisconsin sputtering recovery. It is irrational for Hendricks, Koch(s) and Walmart stockholders to support this sychophant. Walker stagnated their profit growth too. Maybe the tea party is actually a "make things worse" brown shirt movement.

  4. I am surprised Walker had an intelligent enough advisor to advise him not to put thugs into the perfectly peacefull, non-vandalizing, Madison economy stimulating, capitol protest crowds. He admitted to thinking about creating crowd unrest per the time he though he was speaking to a member of the Koch family (The Daily Beast).

  5. I hope Perry and Hannity finally come out.

  6. Criticizing Walker for taking trips, while not doing so to our wonderful president is pretty hypocritical, don't you think?

    And adding security for you and your family, with all the crap that he has dealt with from loons threating his family, etc, doesn't seem that unreasonable to me.

    1. Not in the same galaxy, kid. On either subject.

      But nice try at deflecting from your boy Scotty's corrupt fleecing of Wisconsin taxpayers. And besides, why would "a couple of loons" scare him into all this extra expense? He's "Unintimidated", after all!

  7. I am calling the State of Wisconsin corruption hotline to report this fraud and waste perpetrated by Scott Walker.