Saturday, July 19, 2014

Common Core Continued

By Jeff Simpson

I wrote about Scott Walker wanting to overturn Common Core State Standards this morning.

It turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg, as Andy @Wisoapbox explores this issue in depth and puts all other bloggers and media in WI to shame.

 I recommend reading the WHOLE piece but I will share a couple highlights here!    

The first that stood out to me was Captain Voucher, Jeremy Thiesfeldt's attempt to rebrand Common Core STATE Standards to just Common Core Standards to fit better into his narrative.   WISB outted him.

“I was pleased to hear that Gov. Walker called on the legislature to pass a bill in January repealing the Common Core Standards (CCS). I look forward to promptly tackling this issue as our first priority in response to the governor’s appeal.  
Notice how he doesn't say "state" standards. That's a VERY specific and important change conservatives are trying to do in "un-localizing" the Common Core STATE Standards.
Wisconsin’s educational standards need to be improved, but Wisconsin students are best served by standards created within our own state. 

Unfortunately, the Democratic party has decided not to run anyone against Thiesfeldt so all we can do is look at his blatant dishonesty in awe.  

Secondly WISB has a major coup.  It turns out Scott Walker was for CCSS before he was against them:

Also, Walker's statement calling for dumping Common Core comes after he has worked with the state DPI for the past several years on education reform issues that all hinge on successful implementation of the standards. 
But, but what?! Oh, so Gov. Walker was for it before he was against it? (Oh 2004 Kerry campaign.) Seriously, if anyone wanted to know why he wasn't saying much about Common Core before now, this is why - He actually worked with them and utilized them in a lot of what he did with respect to school accountability.
In his 2011-'13 budget veto message to the Assembly, Walker wrote that his budget supported greater accountability and performance in K-12 education by "investing $15 million in the development of a statewide student information system and requiring the Department of Public Instruction to implement new pupil assessment based on mastery of Common Core Standards by 2014-15."

D'OH.  As I always say, whats a few million taxpayer dollars if it will help further Scotty's career?

Using our children as political props and catering the anti intellectuals in the tea party is a sure fire loser in November, let's make sure this backfires on them big time!

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