Friday, July 4, 2014

John Lehman Runs

By Jeff Simpson

John Lehman runs from a fight in his current seat because the republicans made it harder for a Democrat to win the seat.  Thank God Randy Bryce stepped up to represent the 21st Senate district because the two people running in the republican primary have been nothing short of a clown car(much more about these two on these pages in the near future).

John Lehman runs from doing the hard work.   Google him and see what he has been up to.   The silence is deafening.   Being handed the nomination by the insiders in the party, against party by-laws,  is not an impressive achievement.  

Now John Lehman runs from a debate.

 Mary Jo Walters, who is also running as a Democrat in the Lieutenant Governor Democratic primary, has asked for a debate.  John Lehman has no interest.  

Apparently John Lehman thinks so little of the Democratic process, and the Democratic voters that he has no interest in attempting to win the seat.  It was given to him by a select group of loyalists and it now belongs to him.  No questions asked.

The thing is we know that Scott Walker will not allow Rebecca Kleefisch to debate whoever wins the primary because he does not have any respect for her or her abilities to speak unscripted. 

How can we ask or expect her to debate when the person who has the track to be on the ballot refuses to do so?   Why is Lehman scared of debating Walters?  Is it just laziness?  

This is a state taken over by far right extremists and we need people who are willing to stand up for the rights of Wisconsinites who do not have a voice or any hope right now.

Mr. Lehman, by ducking debate, your actions show that you are absolutely NOT the person to work and fight for us.  

Mr. Lehman, thank you for your service in the past but if you do not respect the voters and the Democratic party of Wisconsin enough to schedule a debate(just one would be fine) with Ms. Walters, I promise to never ever vote for you.

Please do the right thing and agree to a debate.

Contact Mr. Lehman and tell him to agree to a debate!

(262) 632-3330

PS:  you can not tweet him as he has not even taken the time to set up a twitter account.   


  1. Jeff, are you out of your effing mind? Quit beating up on good Democrats! And John Lehman IS a good Democrat, I'd even call him a noble man. He's not running away from a fight in his old Senate seat; it's been redistricted to be unwinnable for a Democrat. The clowns will win it, face reality. I have nothing against Mary Jo Walters, but then again I know almost nothing about her, other than she's a "Madison activist" (oh, that has statewide appeal) with no elected office experience. Why on earth should Lehman raise her profile by debating her. She's not a serious candidate, and if you think she is, you need to get a grip on reality.

    1. Yeah, this is where Jeff's "I hate the DPW" drumbeat gets very tiresome. And I don't see the point of articles like these except to whine like an obnoxious teen.

      By the way, I don't think that Senate seat is unsinkable- especially given the pair of GOP but jobs wanting the seat.

    2. I think everyone on the ballot should be allowed the courtesy and respect of one debate. Always have. Always will.


    3. Would that be one of the good Republicrats taht showed they didn't know how to govern when they had control of both houses and the governor's office?

      And wouldn't a noble candidate want to debate his opponents to show how much better they are?

    4. I'm with you on the debate issue- unless it's a joke candidate like Hulsey or Segway Jeremy. Walters is not a joke, and Lehman shouldn't fear having an open discussion with her. And it takes away the grumbling about "insider politics" at the DPW

    5. I agree with you on segway except I think it is rich that he is running against paul ryan. Ryans supporters are going to actually have to think at the ballot box for a change. I truly think segways best chance is to get out of site and not campaign at all. let the lemmings in district 1 get hit with two ryans on the ballot, I am sure the looks would be priceless.

      As for Hulsey I think he deserves a debate also. he is a two time elected Democratic official has voted very well and did the work to get on the ballot and is out there campaigning.

      We were promised by the powers that be that if someone else would run they would get the support of the DPW also and they are proving to be untrustworthy liars.

      I get what you say about Hulsey BUT I would much rather have him be Governor than our current incumbent.

      In the chronicle of time, Hulsey is different, in WIsconsin 2014 he does not stand out. As a matter of fact, a quick list of people who make Hulsey look like George Washington:

      Grothman, nASS, Jacque, Pridemore, Thiesfeldt, Waanggard, Seitz, Vos, etc...

      Tell me any of them have a better claim as an elected official than Hulsey!

  2. I think Lehman would make a good Lt. Gov.

  3. Hard to be critical of the ONE Democrat who actually WON his recall election. Lehman knows how to campaign and win, and will outclass Kleefisch if they allow her to speak in a debate.....

    1. Again I respect that he did win his seat and has served, I do not respect that he is ducking debates.

      I have no doubt he would clean the floor with Rebecca(who wouldnt) but he wont get that chance. Walker has no respect for rebecca Kleefisch and will never ever let her debate.

      Now Lehman has no grounds to stand on when he asks for one.