Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 10 people left in the "tea party" are going to be mad!

The Republican party of WI has had enough of the "tea party". You can't really blame them. Everytime they have a Major Rally Planned, a few less people show up than the last time. Recently they held a tax day rally in Madison(apparently most sane people got the memo that we are now paying a lower tax rate than we have in the last 50 years) and they drewa solid few hundred people. Prior to that they held a rally in Wauwatosa, the occasional home of our Re-called Governor and drew around a thousand people. It was at this rally where Tommy Thompson was unfortunately allowed to speak before he hit the beer tent:

Now the powers that be in the republican party, in layman's terms, that means the multi millionaires who used to bankroll the "tea party", have decided that enough is enough. They now have realized how crazy the true believers are and are working to bottle them back up. The problem is, you can not but the toothpaste back in its tube. These loons are now running around and about to turn their insanity towards the republican party itself.

This story hit from RedState
and the remaining 30 "tea partiers" are very upset!

The Wisconsin Tea Party movement is not gelling to Tommy Thompson who presumed he would have an easy nomination to be Wisconsin’s next Republican Senator. Tea Party activists have rallied against him in Wisconsin and now the state party seems poised to shut out a group that has been so helpful in battling the recall efforts there.

According to several people I’ve spoken to on the ground there, the Wisconsin GOP is getting ready to disqualify hundreds of tea party activists as delegates to the state convention.

The GOP in Wisconsin changed its rules to make it easier for the party to endorse in primaries. One person tells me “it made sense for the establishment because typically 700 to 900 people go to the conventions and everyone knows everyone.” But then the Tea Party came to power and has flooded Wisconsin politics, driven, in part, by the union trying to roll back Scott Walker’s reforms.

This year, the Wisconsin GOP is on track for something like 2,000 delegates, which would be double the largest state convention. The majority of those are opposed to Tommy Thompson.
Forgetting of course that Tommy Thompson was one of the featured speakers at numerous "tea party" events, and that they have just been a far right outreachof the republican party anyway. The real fun is that the "tea party" true believers actually think that they helped drive the debate the last two years in Wisconsin and the country.

I believe the correct term while being played for fools by the Billionaires on the right, AFP and the Maciver institute is useful idiots!

Sit back, grab a Spotted Cow and some popcorn(just dont buy it from Robin Vos), this is going to be fun to watch.


  1. Good luck Teas.
    - The party was ok for awhile. I hope you will form a legal Party and run your own candidates. The more parties the better.
    Take a look at supporting a Fusion voting system in WI.
    - A Fusion system in WI will open up the political scene and force real debates & positive conversations.

  2. The Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers don't really have a platform to stand on anyway, save repeal of the 13th and 14th Amendments. And besides, the buses that used to be dispatched to the rest homes to pick them up have stopped coming, which makes it doubly-tough to get a big crowd of them assembled anywhere these days.