Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Evidence That Walker Is A Bought Man

As if we didn't know that Scott Walker was for sale to the highest campaign contributor bidder, here's proof positive:
You don’t have to be a campaign donor or corporate executive to get an audience with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. But it doesn’t hurt.

Walker received contributions from employees or political action committees at more than half of the 130-plus companies that appear in his official calendars, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

These employees and PACs gave Walker at least $1.5 million since May 2009, just after he declared his candidacy for governor.

“Wisconsin is Open for Business,” the Republican governor proclaimed in a press release on the night he was elected. His calendars from January 2011 through January 2012 bear out this stance, revealing a steady stream of contacts with top company officials.


The analysis suggested that big donors got more access. Three-quarters of all PACs that have given Walker at least $20,000 are associated with companies that show up on his calendar. In contrast, about a quarter of the PAC donors that gave under $20,000 are listed.

Companies and their executives appear in Walker’s calendars in jobs announcements, factory tours, check presentations, phone calls and private meetings -- sometimes labeled “no media,” as with 3M and Caterpillar Inc.

The list includes many big businesses, such as Harley-Davidson, IBM, Northwestern Mutual, Johnsonville Sausage, Walgreens and Uline. No one company dominated Walker’s time: Leading the list, with four contacts, was Ashley Furniture, based in Arcadia, Wis
And I don't even need to analyze it for you. Walker's spokesman, Cullen "Mr. Immunity" Werwie does it for me:
Walker’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie, said the governor’s calendars reflect his priorities.
Obviously, his priority is the big money people and not the people of Wisconsin.


  1. Shoot, they're late on that one. I noticed the "coincidence" between campaign contributions and Walker appearances and tax credits for those companies a few weeks ago.

    This is especially true for Walker's friends at places like Spancrete (who even have a Brett Davis/Walkergate connection!), Generac, and ULine, among others.

  2. 3M
    $700000 grant +
    that got a Walker appearance.

    Or there is Polaris, shutting down the town of Osceola, but in steps Walker for the photo op:

    1. How about McDonough Manufacturing, or Dynamic Displays in Eau Claire?

    2. KinderCare learning centers, llc ....

    3. KinderCare, since it is a for profit institution:

      Because the Hudson public schools just ain't good enough?

  3. Wieser Concrete.