Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Conversation with Mahlon Mitchell

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Mahlon Mitchell.

After exchanging pleasantries, we got down straight to the issues at hand.

Mitchell said that one of the biggest problems this state is facing is that we have a governor who is buddying up to billionaires to get money for his campaigning and his legal defense fund.  He went on to point out that "These are the people he represents, not the people of Wisconsin."

Mitchell also said that that state is in crisis when one looks at the huge loss of jobs which happened because of Walker's policies.  He pointed out that the job crisis stems from Walker's attack on the middle class, who are the real job creators.  He went on to say that it is the middle class that is going to spend the money which creates the demand for products.  Without the money, there is no demand, and the businesses have to lay people off and close up.  To back this up, he pointed to the thousands of businesses that are no longer here and the tens of thousands of jobs that went with them.

Mitchell said that there are a lot of people looking for jobs, but aren't receiving the education and the training that they need to fill the jobs that are available.  He pointed to one of Walker's greatest mistakes and said that he and Tom Barrett would restore money to the technical schools so that people can receive the training they need, through an academic setting and on the job training programs.

Mitchell said that we also need to repair the damage done to Wisconsin schools.  He emphasized this by stating that you can't cut education by a billion dollars and expect it to do well, much less get better.

Mitchell wrapped up by again stating that the entire state is in crisis, and as a firefighter, he knows how to respond to a crisis.  He said that the firefighters have a saying, "All hands working*," which means that everyone has a job to do to stabilize a crisis.

He stated that to address the crisis the state is in, we need all hands working to get out the vote.  He pointed out how he and Barrett have been traveling the state, going to churches, clubs, even grocery stores to reach out to people and get them to the voting booths.

Mitchell said he often hears people worrying about what the poll of the day says or how there is a sudden surge of pro-Walker signs appearing.  He told me that he tells them that he doesn't worry about these things.  He said polls don't vote and signs don't vote.  People do.

Reflecting back on our conversation, the one thing that really struck me is the way he spoke.  He wasn't shouting or preaching hellfire and brimstone if they lost.  He was very serious as he spoke of the troubles the state is facing due to the current administration's misguided ideology.  But at the same time, he exuded an infectious, upbeat confidence.  He presented himself as someone who was facing a serious challenge, but knew that he was up to the task and would be able to competently and quickly get things stabilized again.

To learn more about Mahlon Mitchell and learn how you can help to get all hands working, please visit his website.


  1. I'm in your corner Mahlon and Barrett, just voted this morning at our City Hall!
    I'm learning all I can about the process and law changes and informing my facebook friend the best I can and encouraging them to vote. Most of the people I associate with daily are of the working poor class and they "get it" and are more willing to listen and weigh the issues. Walker has his proponents "running scared" that if he is voted out "the sky will fall" and their jobs and businesses will be in some kind of danger...they can't see that if he stays in and keeps on his "course" they REALLY will be. We need to educate our children well and then keep them here with GOOD jobs and good pay or the older retiring folk will really want a change and it will be all the harder to accomplish it!

  2. Nothing but pure BS

    Thanks for sharing

  3. There is not one mention here of HOW he intends to go about doing what he wants to do. Why isn't he being honest about HOW MUCH THIS WILL COST AND WHERE HE WILL GET THE MONEY?