Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Message From Rob Zerban

From the email inbox:
As we head into Memorial Day weekend, we honor all the soldiers who have sacrificed to protect our democracy. Let us therefore do our part, as civilians, to protect our way of life. 

Right now, the greatest threat to our democracy is not from abroad, but right here at home. Lobbyists forked over money to the wife of Clarence Thomas to buy themselves the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. It is one of the most misguided decisions in history. 
The confusion stems from the belief of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney that "corporations are people." I think our Founding Fathers would have laughed. Corporations do not bleed and they don't sacrifice on the battlefield for our freedoms. Corporations deserve to have their voice heard, but they do not deserve to buy and sell our government and defy the will of the American people.
Every candidate needs money. I ask for your help all the time because I need your contribution to win. The difference between me and Paul Ryan is that I do not sell out my values. 
Paul Ryan's desperate dance for cash has led him to propose un-American ideas like scrapping Medicare and Social Security, ending financial aid for college, and even slashing funding for our veterans. Ryan's budget proposed $11 Billion in cuts for veterans, and now, Ryan is seeking an addition $8 Billion in cuts to veterans. All Americans, especially our veterans, deserve better! 
I hope each of you enjoys this long weekend but please take this opportunity to talk with your friends. Let them know that we need to remove crooked politicians and undo these rules which have corrupted the system so many brave men and women have fought for. 
Rob Zerban

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