Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Malfeasance in Interviews

Tom Barrett scored many points in his debate drubbing of Scott Walker on Friday night.   One of the best was when Soon to be Governor Barrett called out Scott Walker on signing recall petitions for Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl.  Scott Walker ignored the fact that he has spent his whole political career knee deep in recalls of democrats and now thinks we need to reform our recall rules.

When finally asked, soon to be ex Governor Walker has "no memory" of signing previous recall petitions.    As our friend Jud points out, Scott Walker is lying(again). 

And, because Walker was at these events with Neumann, the issue of partial birth abortion and Feingold's alleged support of it was the focus of Walker's speeches.  My specific recollection is that Walker said, on multiple occasions, something in the vein of: We came up a little short with the recall effort, but that effort was not a wasted effort. History will remember it as the first step in Feingold's 1998 defeat.

The reason I remember that particular line is that we were trying to make the case that the 1997 recall campaign was not a grassroots movement, but a GOP-backed effort that at best would trigger a recall election over an issue that was deeply unpopular with the public and at worst would weaken the populist image of Feingold as he prepared for his 1998 reelection. We were specifically concerned that Neumann and the GOP was using the hundreds of thousands that signed the recall as fundraising and organizing tools to defeat Feingold.

However, now Walker is making the absurd claim that he was not only not a leader of the recall Feingold / Kohl movement, but told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that didn't even sign the petition, claiming that he has "no memory" of signing the recall petitions against Kohl and Feingold and that "I don't believe that I did."

So we see that he is perfectly willing to throw his friends under the bus to advance his political career.  What do you think he will do to us when he gets a chance?   We already know the answer to that question!  

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