Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Team Walker's ALEC Ties

Politiscoop has the scoop on this.  Also note the ending of their report, raising very good questions about the young Waukesha Republican who tried to sell campaign secrets as being  a possible attempt at a sting operation.


  1. I made the O'Keefe allusion a couple of days ago: http://www.facebook.com/todaystmj4/posts/254554581318382

  2. Connection between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the notorious James O'Keefe revealed by Politiscoop.

    I thought about posting a dildo boat reference on yesterday's post about Walker fishing. I decided that would be inappropriate due to the lack of a connection between Governor Walker and the dildo boat crew.

    Thanks to Politiscoop, I now realize that if you think it, it's probably true when it comes to Scott 'John Doe' Walker.