Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lucky Number 13!!

From Wisconsin State Journal

A 13th person has been granted immunity in a secret Milwaukee County investigation that has already led to criminal charges against six people close to Gov. Scott Walker.

Online court records say a judge on Thursday granted Fran McLaughlin's request for immunity.

McLaughlin served as Walker's county spokeswoman from 2007 to 2010, when Walker was the Milwaukee County executive. She's now the spokeswoman for Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

When reached for comment, defense attorney Michael A.I. Whitcomb cited court rules preventing him from discussing the case.

The John Doe investigation centers on several aides and associates to Walker before he was elected governor in 2010. The allegations range from campaigning on county time to embezzling money from a veterans program.
Walker hasn't been charged with wrongdoing.

Again I ask, as a parent, what do you tell your children about this?  Don't worry kids, we are republicans as long as your on the right side of the issues the laws do not apply to you?  or do whatever you need to then when your caught sing like a bird?    

these are NOT the family values or ethics we need in Wisconsin.

Vote for Tom Barrett on June 5th, lets change the culture of corruption that Scott Walker has started in our great state!  


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  1. As a long time reader of this particular blog, the amount of spam-like comments always increase when a right-wing group decides to take action.

    Perhaps "Citizens for Responsible Government" are here today?

    The astro-turf wars obviously are not over.

    Here is a tip:

    If you are a Walker supporter, try using a little more persuasive tone in your comments, rather than belittling, small language.