Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walker Needs To Answer To Veterans, Voters

The Cap Times has an editorial that one might have thought I wrote, calling Scott Walker out on his treatment on veterans:
But Walker took control of the “Operation Freedom” charity away from the VFW and handed it over to Russell.

Russell, who now faces multiple charges of misconduct, stands accused of diverting money to himself that had been intended for veterans.

Walker put Russell in charge of the charity.

Walker was in regular contact with Russell as the alleged thefts took place.

And Walker has hired a team of criminal defense lawyers to help him respond to questions and allegations related to the John Doe inquiry.

There are, as well, allegations that Walker and his political allies may be paying for Russell’s defense.

Veterans have every reason to ask whether Walker is trying to protect a longtime aide who stands accused of stealing from the widows and orphans of Wisconsin soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Just as they have every reason to ask: “Why?”

As for Scott Walker, he has every reason to avoid those questions, since he faces the threat of removal from office in a June 5 recall election.

There are times, however, when politicians cannot be allowed to avoid tough questions about high crimes and misdemeanors.

Those questions will have to be answered before the recall election or after it is finished.

Scott Walker has a responsibility to veterans, and to all Wisconsinites, to answer questions about the John Doe inquiry. Now.
But you can tell that I didn't write this. I cover much more ground than just one of Walker's atrocities which he's visited upon our brave veterans.

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