Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walkergate II: Son Of John Doe

There is an old adage that goes "Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction."

In Fitzwalkerstan, that is not just sometimes, it is the norm.

On Wednesday, Scott Walker came out with his highly questionable jobs numbers, just three weeks before the recall election. In his interviews all day Wednesday, he made it abundantly clear that his sole concern regarding the numbers was how they would benefit him politically.

Within hours of releasing the numbers, Walker also released an ad that has deluged the airwaves boasting about these exact numbers.

This suspect act has caused the Democrats to file a complain with both the GAB and the Dane County District Attorney, alleging Walker of illegal coordination between his administration and his campaign:

The Wisconsin Democratic Party has filed a complaint against Republican Gov. Scott Walker over his latest television ad. 
The ad released Wednesday includes footage of Walker touting new jobs data that the state made public earlier in the day. 
The Democratic Party alleges in the complaint sent to the Dane County district attorney and the state elections board that Walker illegally used state time and resources to craft a political message in violation of the law.
Walker's spokeswoman, Ciara Matthews, stopped waiting tables long enough to come up with some ludicrous explanation that Walker had filmed parts of the commercial in advance, and then had the final script written, learned, taped, edited and sent out to TV stations around the state with time they just happened to have booked.

Yeah, whatever.

You can see a copy of the complaint here.

I actually find this rather remarkable.

One would think that after having his staff, his campaign and himself investigated for illegal politicking for more than two years, he would want to avoid any perception of impropriety, but here he goes, embracing the same kind of behavior.  He's been shown to have been running a new version of the caucus scandals out of his office suite while he was Milwaukee County Executive.  Even worse for him, it's been shown that not only was Walker aware of the illegal activities, he was in charge of them, as evidenced by that infamous email he sent to Tim Russell.

One would think that the money-grubbing Walker would have been made even more painfully aware of the trouble he is in after reportedly meeting with the Milwaukee County DA and having dropped $200,000 just to cooperate.

After all of that, it is stunning that he would even come close to doing anything that could possibly be perceived as inappropriate, much less be so blatant about it.  I don't know if it is because he realizes that, despite what the slanted polls might be saying, he is in deep trouble on the recall or if he is trying to gain the good will of the voters to buffer more bad news regarding the original Walkergate.

Or it could be that he truly does have the sociopathic mindset of a modern day Richard Nixon.

As a final note, I would strongly suggest that the Democrats consider amending their complaint.  If one looks at the state website, there is little doubt that he is treating this piece of state property as a secondary campaign website.


  1. His office is also sending Hallmark brand cards of congratulations to parents of newborns which include some cards for immunization records.

    It was a nice thought, but what's a Hallmark card cost these days? WHO PAYS FOR THAT CARD, and how many of these went out?

    Your suggestion at including the "office" resources being used as campaign tools is totally well-founded.

    But, sadly, this slimy "office" use is apparently working, especially with the sudden show of force for the local Republican supporters as signs are going up like they're going out of style.

    It will be close.

    1. That card thing happens regardless of who's governor. Both of my kids received one from Doyle. I don't know who pays for it.

  2. So, I see you are also not only a mentally deluded Walker hater, but now a hater of successful women. Gee, capper, who else do you hate?

  3. A poem in honor of Scott K. Walker
    Let us all pray that Scotty K's indictments will soon be underway. He thought he'd get off Scott free but soon he'll be doing dishwasher duty with Blogovich.

  4. Im pretty sure those cards are sent to every household that has a baby, I got one when my daughter was born. It had some useful information inside besides the immunisation chart- local hospital, police, and other important numbers. It is really nice thought but I agree that it doesnt need to be sent in $7.00 card

  5. It is the privilege of the incumbent to use office resources as part of the election. But the website is definitely campaigny, but I think the cards, since they include the immunization record, could be one of those privileges.