Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let His Hypocrisy Be Your Protest

This coming Friday will be a day of remembrance as the state honors its fallen law officers.

Sickeningly, the event in Madison will be tainted with hypocrisy as Scott Walker and J.B. Van Hollen are slated to be guest speakers.

Yes, I know that Walker does not deserve to be there, given the way he has slashed shared revenue to counties and municipalities which have cut police forces and reduced the availability of equipment, only to make their jobs even harder and more dangerous.

And yes, I am fully aware that Walker will not hesitate, if re-elected, to put the screws to Wisconsin's finest.

And yes, I know that Van Hollen is a political hack that puts his ideology and vainglory before officer safety or honor.

But as tempting as it might be to call out Walker for his malfeasance and his hypocrisy, we must not.

This is not our day, nor is it Walker's.

The day belongs to the men and women who put their lives on the lines every day so that we can safely go on with our lives.

We need to honor them by giving the day the solemness it rightfully deserves as we honor them and the fallen officers.

As my friend, Brian Austin, a police officer himself wrote on his Facebook page:

To all my fellow winter soldiers in Wisconsin (please share widely): 
The Wisconsin Law Enforcement memorial ceremony will be held on Friday, May 18th at noon on the Capitol square. It appears that Governor Walker will attend this event and may even speak. The Governors of Wisconsin have had a long history of speaking at this event, and there has been little departure from this tradition over the years.  
This is a very emotional event for us, a time where we honor our fallen brothers and sisters and remember the incredible sacrifice they and their families have made. The name of PO Craig Birkholz, killed in Fond Du Lac last year, will be unveiled at that ceremony, and many families of other fallen heroes will be present to celebrate the lives of their fathers and mothers, sons and daughters.  
As distasteful as the Governor's presence is to me and many of my police family, it was not the decision of the officers attending the event. I make this plea as strongly as possible, in no uncertain terms: Please, please do not protest the Governor or his presence at the event. You are welcome to attend to support us in our grief, but this is not the time for protest or political statements, silent or otherwise. The ONLY result of such action would be further suffering for the families and coworkers of the fallen officers, and an utter discrediting of the movement to reclaim our state. Protesting can occur another time, but give us the opportunity to mourn our fallen and honor their lives. To do otherwise would cause irreparable harm, and it would be a mistake no apology or explanation could fix. 
Thanks for your consideration. ON WISCONSIN 
In solidarity,
We would do a disservice to Wisconsin's finest by protesting at this event.  Not only is it disrespectful to the officers and their families, but you know the propaganda trolls from MacIver, Media Trackers and the other Koch/Bradley Foundation front groups will be there to try to take advantage of even the slightest slip so that they can conflate it and politicize this solemn event.

DON'T give them that satisfaction.

Go and honor the officers, both alive and dead.

But leave the signs home for a day and scream at your TV, in the privacy of your own home, if you must.

The best way to honor those that gave their all is to protect the living.  And the best way to do that is to make sure we do what we must - and not do what we mustn't - to get Walker out of office.


  1. Capper, you have my heartfelt thanks for the support, and very well said. Brian Austin

  2. Brian,

    Thank you and all your fellow officers for what you do day after day.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you, Capper, and thank you and yours, Officer Austin.

  4. Agreed. I hate this bum and the posing he's doing here is disgusting. But this is not the time nor place to get dragged into a bad incident which these cynical bastards are dying to take advantage of.

    Respecting the fallen should be a bipartisan, AMERICAN act that we're all on the same page for. The cops there know what empty words Walker and Van Hollen will be giving tomorrow.