Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part CIX

Yup, Scott Walker's budget and policies, especially Act 10, was all about creating jobs, right?

Then why do we keep losing them?
The village of Menomonee Falls laid off eight, full-time public works employees last week in what the village says was preparation for shortfalls in the 2013 budget and fiscal year.

The layoffs of street and utility workers that occurred May 22 were a reduction-in-force and were due to declining revenues, said Village Manager Mark Fitzgerald.

Six workers were paid out of the general fund and two were utility employees. By the end of next week, the village is consolidating the public works facilities and closing down the office currently located on Water Street.
And this is still just the beginning, folks, if we don't vote him out on June 5.

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