Friday, May 25, 2012

Team Barrett vs Team Walker In Post Debate Debate

During the debate, Mayor Tom Barrett deftly handled Scott Walker.  You could see from Walker's nonverbal communications, i.e. body language, that he knew he was getting his ass handed to him.  But more on that later.

Both campaigns sent out press releases after the debate, which, in all likelihood, were written long before the debate started.  You can tell who won the post-debate debate in just the language they used and the message they sent.

From Team Barrett:
Barrett Puts Wisconsin First in Debate Win

Tom Barrett won the first general election debate against Scott Walker in overwhelming fashion by focusing the discussion on critical issues of jobs, honesty, trust and the people of Wisconsin. The debate drew a strong distinction between their approaches to leadership.

Barrett highlighted his experience bringing people together, listening to all sides, making tough decisions and taking responsibility. Walker continued to duck responsibility for his actions. He dodged such issues as who is funding his criminal defense fund, why he won’t release emails from his time as county executive and why he refuses to release records of his extensive time spent outside of Wisconsin on political fundraising trips around the country.

After the debate sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, Barrett for Wisconsin communications director Phil Walzak released the following statement:

“Tom Barrett let the people of Wisconsin know that his priorities are creating jobs, strengthening education at all levels and being open and honest with the people of our state. In contrast, Scott Walker time and again flatly refused to answer questions on being the only governor in the country to have a criminal defense fund related to the ongoing John Doe investigation and his extensive travel for his own political gain.

“Tonight’s debate showed the people of Wisconsin they have a very clear choice on June 5 - a leader they can trust to focus on the people of Wisconsin, create jobs and heal the division, or the current governor whose divide-and-conquer approach has resulted in record job loss, undermining education on all levels and pitting people and communities against each other.

“Tonight’s debate showed it is clearly time for Wisconsin to have a new governor that focuses on our state.”
While Team Barrett claimed victory in the debate, they also kept the focus on making things better for all of Wisconsin - creating jobs, strengthening education and honesty and trust building. Overall, a confident, positive message.

Now Team Walker delivered this:
Governor Walker Wins Debate!

With just over a week to go in the most important election in Wisconsin’s history, Governor Scott Walker clearly and decisively handed failed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett another defeat in a head-to-head debate this evening.

The two-time statewide loser Tom Barrett continually attempted to run away from his failed record in the state senate, congress and as the mayor of the state’s largest city. He dodged questions concerning his plan for a state budget, how he would have dealt with the $3.6 billion deficit, or his incessant need to cite proven false crime statistics in order to hide the truth from the people he was elected to represent.

In stark contrast, Governor Walker laid out his plan to continue moving Wisconsin forward based on the solid financial foundation that has been set due to the bold reforms he has put in place.

The governor has once again proven that he is a man of his word and will do everything it takes to keep Wisconsin from returning to the days of billion-dollar budget deficits, double-digit tax increases and record-setting job loss.

Since taking office, he put forth a plan to turn the state around from the brink of insolvency by eliminating the Democrat spawned multi-billion dollar budget deficit, investing in the job creators of the state and putting the people of Wisconsin ahead of the political aspirations of out-of-state special interests and Washington insiders.

During these final days of the campaign, we must work tirelessly to make sure that the governor’s office is not removed from the will of the people and handed directly into the greedy hands of the out-of-state special interests funding this baseless recall effort for their own benefit.

Make sure to visit and find your local victory center where you can become directly involved in the final push toward victory on June 5th.


Dan Blum
Deputy Campaign Manager
Friends of Scott Walker

P.S. The Washington insiders and out-of-state special interests funding this baseless recall effort will stop at nothing, spending millions upon millions of dollars to distort the positive record that Governor Walker has boldly put forward. Can we count on a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or anything you can afford to help us beat back their thinly veiled attempts to steal your government from you?
You'll notice that Walker's tone is a lot more negative than Barrett's. It's not about what he'll do for Wisconsin, but trying the Republicans' favorite tactic of fear and smear.

Furthermore, while Barrett talks about helping Wisconsin, Walker, who already has more than $25 million from his out of state benefactors, not to mention the scores of out-of-state political hacks invading our state, is telling Wisconsinites what he wants them to do for him, including giving him yet more money. Funny thing is Walker and his allies have spent well over $20 million and is happy not to lose more ground with each poll. He's reached his plateau and it's going to be all downhill for him the rest of the way.

In other words, Barrett is saying let me help.  In contrast, Walker is saying you've gotta help me!  And that only goes to show that Walker doesn't have the leadership skills he needs to be governor.  All he can do is try to manipulate the system and grab enough power to keep his ill-gotten seat as governor.

Say what you will about the debate itself, Team Barrett won the post debate bout.


  1. This is changing the subject just slightly, but during the Brewer game I just saw a Walker ad hitting Barrett for wanting to spend $100 million on a trolley. Can you explain/debunk this? When I googled this, it seems to be a five year old story.

    I will be voting for Tom Barrett in any case, but would certainly hope that he would be focused on improving core transit services such as buses, rather than trolleys, which seem like they would be less efficient.

  2. It's Walker's way of trying to get back at Barrett for outmaneuvering him. The trolley is going to be part of an intermodal transit system which will include buses and the airport.

    1. When Walker says, "trolley," his team is attempting to minimize an part of a system.

      Remember when the "choo-choo train" was the big issue that had to be killed by then-candidate Walker?

      Governor Walker's supporters like to use alternative language terms to make things seem less.

      I thought by the time these professional job creators got to the level of success (that they now use to support Governor Walker) that they would not reduce their persuasive communication skills to the very level of 7-year-old child.

      But, that's the tactic. Point, laugh, bully, and do anything that makes Mr. Walker seem better.

      For more information on a similar states' inter-modal "trolley":

  3. The "teams" can all take a flying leap. If Walker has proven anything to friend and foe alike, it's the difference one man/woman can make if the environment is at all conducive. In spite of the "teams" and all their hive-brain lackluster strategery, Barrett did a great job tonight. And when I say great job I MEAN great job. I never liked Barrett before at all. His previous attempt v. Walker was garbage. I was furious at his apparent (to the "Outstaters") lack of engagement, it was a factor in the Walker win.
    I specifically came back to these god-forsaken blogs tonight to say that Barrett nailed it. He looked directly at Walker in an emotionally riveted yet still in control manner and said what many many Wisconsinites would like to say. He spoke with brevity and eloquence at the same time, not easy to do. He was poetic and yet surgical. If anyone has read the text of the play Cyrano de Bergerac and knows the scene in the bakery of Ragueneau (which i seriously doubt but I'll make the comparison anyways) I would say that is the kind of thing I am talking about. He was aggressive without pushing it too far. I would say that he was even playing with Walker to a degree. I do not enjoy sadism but Cat played with Mouse tonight and I didn't mind watching w/o a hint of sympathy. I do not impress easily, and I was impressed. I will vote for him and feel damn good about it now instead of that usual sleepwalking to the polls feeling.
    Tom Barrett! Thanks. That was very enjoyable.

  4. If you want to know what Walker supporters like, read his Twitter feed sometime. They write like the dog from the movie "Up".

  5. Our Ohio Internet connection was terrible last night during the debate so we gave up and watched c-span this morning. Barrett was comfortable, his dialogue was clear and on topic. He spoke even-handedly and honestly and answered the issues straight-forwardly without grandstanding or repeating tired code phrases. He exuded the ability to represent all Wisconsin citizens. For example, when Gov. Walker said "people see me" (in response to questions about his many out of state visits Barrett even resisted saying: "Yes, in Florida, California, etc."


  6. I watched the debate today on youtube and I found it to be very telling. I am from Texas so I have no bone in this fight, but after viewing the video, it was obvious that Barrett won the debate HANDS DOWN!!! The points he made were clear and to the point. Walker never answered any of the questions, he just kept giving the same general answers to almost every question. I hope the people of Wisconsin are paying attention because Walker is really trying to trick them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS.Why would you vote for a Governor who is under criminal investigation???

  7. Does Wisconsin want a Governor who has a criminal defense fund, who knowingly lied to Congress, and who has divided this State? Clearly, Walker will continue to divide and conquer this state. Where are the 900,000 people who signed the recall?

  8. Walker was evasive on many questions and looked uncomfortable as he looked down and shuffled around. He needed to give stronger answers (or actual answers) for out of stated funding, and John Doe illegal activity investigation. Barret was strong and intelligent throughout. I rarely have time to watch an entire debate, but this one I did and Barret was consistently the stronger candidate.

  9. You were watching an experienced Congressman (Barrett) take apart a a failed university student (Walker), the honed and tempered blade chopping to pieces the flaking rusty poker. It was ugly or beautiful, depending on your sympathies for the poker.

  10. Walker easily made barrett look foolish again. Barrett never answered a question. Hoe embarrassing for the city of Milwaukee.

  11. Walker stayed on point and answered every question brilliantly. Glad he's OUR governor.

  12. Its obvious why an attorney like Barrett turned to politics...he can't debate. Also, he outlined NOTHING as a plan, merely rhetoric about inclusiveness in the planning stages....something his predecessor Doyle never did to my understanding. Of course, he changed the subject everytime the Democratic administration m.o. was brought up. They shoved their agenda down everyone's throats for years...and now, they cry like babies when they don't get their way. Well, I sincerely hope that Walker wins the recall, if nothing else, because the squeaky wheel should NOT get the grease every time.