Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walkergate: The College Years

Before there was Walkergate, back in Scott Walker's days at Marquette University, there was Walkergate: The College Years.

Back then, when the Marquette Tribune printed a negative story about him, Walker and his cronies would scoop up the freshly printed papers and destroy them.  But they did not always get all of them.

And now we have photographic proof of the original Walkergate:

Further proof that Walker never had any ethics, or if he did, he killed them off at a very young age.


  1. 99% illegible....

  2. Can you make it a bit bigger for us to read? Maybe host it on imgur or something since Blogspot tends to shrink everything.

  3. Readers may also like to see this one:

  4. Here is a Marquette Tribune story that Walker probably liked at the time it was published. It makes for interesting reading now.

    Mafia run county exec’s office
    By Bridget Thoreson
    January 26, 2006

    "Milwaukee County is being run by the mafia.

    The "Marquette Mafia," as alumni working in Milwaukee call themselves, make up most of the staff in County Executive Scott Walker's office . The spirit of the school is everywhere — from the chief of staff wearing his Golden Eagles fleece pullover on the day of the big Notre Dame basketball game to the executive assistant exchanging text messages about how Marquette is doing during games with her coworkers.

    "'Cura Personalis. Care for the whole person.' That's what we do here," said Dashal Young, the director of community relations who graduated from Marquette with a degree in communication and rhetorical studies in 1995 and earned his master's degree in interpersonal communication two years later.

    All of the employees with college degrees in the office except for one graduated from Marquette. That means six out of nine staffers are Marquette alums."

    The rest of the article is at

    How many Walkergate names are mentioned in this article? Does anyone have the link to a clip where Scott Walker makes remarks about the Marquette Mafia?

  5. "If" we agree that some of this last minute "exposure" is correct I think I don't want much of my 18 year old history told either.

    If it's problem for me because he's better than anything the left wing can come up with.

    1. This is not last minute. I've written about it for years.

      And a rancid potato would make for a better governor than Walker.