Sunday, May 20, 2012

WISGOP Spokesman: Troops Are Beggars

Ben Sparks, the WISGOP spokesperson, issued the following tweet a few days ago:

MRE, Meal Ready to Eat, is what keeps are brave men and women fed while they are in combat.  Is he really inferring that soldiers are like beggars?

Well, what can you expect from WISGOP?  Their "rockstar" Scott Walker could only muster up a feeling of "disappointment" when one of his best friends got charged with stealing money from veterans and their families.

It's no wonder the Republicans stopped that nonsense about being the party of values.


  1. I have seen this blog stretch truth and facts but this one is just comical and disgusting but so typical from union people.

    "inferring that soldiers are like beggars?" How desperate are you people, do you really think everyone is a dumb as a union member and just believe any trash tossed out?

    1. > "everyone is a (sic) dumb as a union member...."

      Typically dumb ad hominem attack by a wingnut who has nothing substantive to say. Ronald Reagan was, after all, once a union member and a union president.

    2. Under Conservative philosophy, the troops are simply slightly more patriotic than most of the lower classes.

      They are there only to serve the upper class interests. "Protecting our nations overseas interests," for example, means making sure some upper class people can set up shop and get richer without taking the risk outside their gated walls.

      The workers, under conservative view, are there to work for the upper class. The soldiers are there to protect the upper class.

      Under Walkers rule, our Wisconsin Veterans will no doubt see their "entitlements" reduced at a later date.

      "Divide and conquer."

      A disservice to our volunteers, but, hey. save the taxpayers, huh?

  2. It would seem the DNC has given up on this recall. Is it just me or is momentum slowing?

    1. The DNC is not a part of a recall effort.

      The NRA is very much, though.

  3. It's just you, but believe whatever you want to believe.

    Ridiculous to call us beggars when the rockstar collected 25 million.

  4. Bit of a metaphorical reach here. MREs are also a key staple in relief efforts in disaster areas such as Mogadishu, Port au Prince and even New Orleans. I'm pretty sure that's what the original tweet was intending. You would have had better luck taking that tack than trying to infer it had to do with our own troops.