Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Call To Action: Help Reclaim Wisconsin's Airwaves!

I've told you how WTMJ and WISN radio stations are violating federal law, namely the Zapple Doctrine.

I've shared the story of the press rally calling out these mouthpieces of WISGOP and Scott Walker.

Now it's your turn to help reclaim our airwaves and have the radio stations follow the law like they're supposed to.

And it's real easy to do.

Just sign this petition telling the FCC to enforce the law like they're supposed to.


  1. Thanks Capper!
    -Andrew R

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  3. Tell Wisconsin Public Radio to Pull the Plug on Charles Franklin and his rigged polls. The online petition will let WPR know how you feel.

    We need reliable reporting, not partisan hacks pretending to be public opinion pollsters.