Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walkergate By The Numbers

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin did some cyphering and came up with some astonishing and shameful numbers regarding Walkergate:
2: Convictions to date
6: Walker aides and associates charged
15: Felonies committed by The Walker 6
77: Days since Scott Walker started his criminal defense fund
91.5: Years in prison The Walker 6 could face
1,000+: Number of emails Kelly Rindfleisch exchanged with Walker’s campaign managers while on taxpayer time
1,380: Number of fundraising emails Kelly Rindfleisch exchanged on taxpayer time
$62,232: Amount stolen from veterans and the families of fallen soldiers by Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh
$192,178: Stolen from Milwaukee County taxpayers by Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch to run Scott Walker’s political machine
$270,000: Amount in fines The Walker 6 could face
And this is still just the preliminary numbers.  They will be going up at a frightening rate as more of the crimes committed by Walker and his rogue band of malefactors are revealed.

And if you want, you can print these findings out and used it to leaflet areas in your GOTV effort.


  1. I was asked a question today that I didn't know the answer to; I was wondering if you guys might know.

    What triggered Walker to start his legal defense fund in the first place? Did he receive some formal notification from the DA that he was under investigation? Did he infer that he might well be a target after Wink et al were indicted, and then ask the DA for confirmation? Or did he infer and then start the fund based on that inference alone?

    More generally, short of an indictment, how does a target of a John Doe investigation learn that he is a target?


    1. The target doesn't know until they are charged, normally. However, Walker had hired these two attorneys last year and was paying them out of pocket.

      My guess is that he started the LDF when things got to expensive and he found out that the could pay for the lawyers directly from the campaign fund.

    2. I might add, he also did it under the direction of the GAB. Maybe they realized that anyone who dares to defy the union bosses in this state will put you in risk of persecution. Or was it prosecution? I'm sure its both.

    3. No, it was under the advice of the GAB AFTER he asked them. Are you that worried that you forgot the truth?

      Are you saying everyone is innocent? Even the two people that already pleaded guilty and are testifying against Walker?

    4. On the contrary, Charge everyone with crimes committed. If they can prove Walker is guilty in a court of law that is fine with me. But convict him for crimes, not being conservative, and looking out for free market principles.
      No credit for my pun on words? Jeff?

    5. Sorry hadnt gotten here yet.....yes very clever. almost as clever as calling Scott Walker a free market conservative.

  2. mustbe: The John Doe investigation began long before Walker dropped the bomb to divide and conquer. If you read the complaint against Russell, you will see that the swindling of the Operation Freedom Fund was not "central" to the Doe investigation, so the investigators "only" sought records going back to 2006. Said another way.... If it were "central" to the Doe investigation they would have gone back farther. Remember, Walker ran for Gov back in 2006...

    1. Walker requested the investigation. If there were crimes committed you don't think they would have been revealed by now? I still think this is a last attempt to try to get something bad to "stick" to Walker. But we will see.

    2. So tired of hearing that "Walker requested the investigation." HE did not. Nardelli did. Walker acceded. (Walker also thought that the disagreement with Act 10 would die down in a few weeks. Maybe he doesn't have such great political instincts after all, sly as he is.)

      Anyway, who no longer works for Walker? Nardelli. Why is that? Nardelli won't say. My guess would be that Nardelli could not stand working for Walker anymore, and maybe too much was coming out for him to stomach.