Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celebrating Freedom

From our friends in Sun Praire, WI:

Celebrate your freedom, and Recall Walker! This video is a discussion involving concerned citizens around the Sun Prairie area, regarding the current political climate in Wisconsin. Get involved, and vote Tom Barrett for Governor and Mahlon Mitchell for Lieutenant Governor on June 5th!

Also H/T to Monologues of Dissent!  Check it out if you haven't already and bookmark it!


  1. Scott Walker has...
    attacked our education system

    destroyed rights for SOME unions and exempted others in a divide and conquer strategy

    canceled equal rights for women,minorities and veterans

    passed a budget that would allow him to sell state assets without competitive bidding

    pushed to relax or eliminate environmental controls on industry... to let them pollute our greatest resources..our land, air, water

    eliminated earned worker benefits to allow him to give money to out of state corporations

    passed 'midnight' laws and legislation to avoid scrutiny and debate

    went across the USA to fund raise from corporations in Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois....which begs the question; does he represent out of state interests or Wisconsin?

    bungled the finances of Milwaukee County and has blamed it on others

    has NOT created jobs, has NOT balanced the budget..has NOT represented Wisconsin Citizens......why should anyone vote for him????

  2. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Is STILL Unfit for Office

    Personal Essay by Dr. Glen Barry

    May 22, 2012

    " I had the misfortune of being a college classmate of Scott Walker. Walker attended Marquette from 1986 to 1990, two years younger than I. He was a laughable dork – dumb, full of himself, and authoritarian. Being deeply imperfect myself, nonetheless, I have to speak up on how going to college with Walker showed him to be a piece of work. And that his bad conduct, which began there, and led to a harsh and unjust start to his political life, which remains ugly and dangerous to this day, do in fact indicate Walker remains unfit for office.

    Fresh from Badger Boys State leadership conference, freshly shorn of his mullet, and in ill-fitting suits; Scott rolled onto campus in 1986 at 18 already running for office. He was constantly speaking in sound bites, with a false sugary sweetness, about taxes and abortion – the only issues which Scott Walker truly cared about other than his personal quest for power."

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