Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walker: If You're Going To Commit Perjury, You Might As Well Go All The Way

Walker and his bald spot
 being sworn in
For months, I've been pointing out that Scott Walker committed perjury when he testified, under oath, before a congressional committee last year.

I even went so far as to point out that not only did he lie to the committee, he lied in an entirely different direction when he appeared before the Oshkosh Northwestern's editorial board.

More people started to catch on to the fact that Walker was lying when they saw the video in which he kissed the lips and ass of Diane Hendricks, the billionaire crackpot, and boasted of his "Divide and Conquer" plan for busting the union.

Today, more proof of Walker's perjury came to light when WTDY reported on emails regarding the planning of Act 10, just days after Walker's masters bought the election for him in November 2010 (emphasis mine):
But drafting documents obtained by WTDY News from the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau reveal that Act 10 was actually being drafted in November, just weeks after Walker was elected governor. As lawmakers struggled to pass state worker contracts in December of 2010, a non-partisan state attorney was already hard at work drafting the very provision in ACT 10 that stripped away bargaining rights for nearly all public employees in Wisconsin.

Cathlene Hanaman is the Deputy Chief at the Legislative Reference Bureau and has drafted all the collective bargaining changes in recent years, which she says were always minor until Governor Walker was elected. When shown an email she sent to another non-partisan bill drafter on December 3rd, 2010, Hanaman confirmed that the legislation described in the email was part of a project she had been assigned in November and that veteran Department of Administration budget staffers were working with her on behalf of then governor-elect Walker. In the email, the intent of the legislation lists “prohibiting public employee union from collectively bargaining over health care benefits.” An undated memo entitled “Alternative Approach to Collective Bargaining,” given to Hanaman at an early meeting with Department of Administration staffers, lays out plans to prohibit any state or local public employer from collecting union dues, require public sector unions to vote to recertify each year, and allow police and firefighter unions to keep all their bargaining rights.
As they point out in the article: "It is a Federal offense to knowingly and willingly tell false statements under oath."

Will anything happen though? It would seem unlikely while the Republicans hold the House of Representatives and chair that committee. However, if Walker were to lose the recall and/or get indicted in Walkergate, the Republicans, who have a propensity of eating their own, might find it useful to throw Walker under the bus.

The real question is whether anyone, besides the unreliable James Wigderson, believe that Walker wouldn't go straight to his right-to-work-for-less legislation if we don't take him out. Oh sure, Walker has said he doesn't support it, but he sure seems to say a lot of things to a lot of people. And not one bit of it can be trusted to be true.


  1. Your time and effort is appreciated and I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you !

  2. If he gets his "mandate", we are all royally screwed.

  3. I firmly believe Walker and the whole hornets nest of crooks will go down in a spectacular ball of flames, streaking to Earth with magnificent tracers. In the meantime, however, how much damage will be done? He is truely a sociopath, believing he can get away with John Doe. Unlike Nixon, tho, Walker WILL go to prison. :-)

  4. Mainstream media needs to cover this story BIG TIME!! AND RIGHT NOW!!!

  5. i SENT THIS ARTICLE TO cnn, msnbc, nbc, cbs, AND The Huffington Post. This story should go out on every mainstream media station.

  6. Please put this guy in jail. Save the people some time and effort of recalling him, and just do the right thing for once. LOCK HIM UP. Then come get Rick Snyder and friends from Michigan so we can start getting this country back from the criminals that have taken it over.

  7. Please investigate "The Kiss". There seems to be more behind it than a benefactor to donor. Have you ever seen photos of Barack Obama kissing a donor on the lips?