Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walkergate: Why, Hello Kelly!

Why, hello Kelly! Why hello, Kelly! It's so nice to have you back where you belong...*

As the gentle reader surely remembers, Kelly Rindfleisch had employed to interesting defense tactics in her trial for illegal campaigning.

She tried to claim that the immunity she was given in the caucus scandal was universal and timeless, meaning she could never get into trouble for illegal campaigning no matter when or where or what she did.  This was summarily dismissed.

She then tried to have the venue changed to Columbia County, even though she claimed at the time to live in Milwaukee and the crime occurred in Milwaukee.  This too was denied.

So she appealed that ruling.

On Friday, we learned that the motion to appeal was denied by the Appellate Court.

Needing clarification, I consulted with the illustrious Illusory Tenant, hidden in a secret bunker underneath a Caribbean island, who informed me that what this means is that Rindfleisch, through her attorney, Franklyn Gimbel, asked the Appellate Court for permission to bring this matter before the higher court to revisit and reverse the ruling of the circuit court judge denying their change of venue motion.  The Appellate Court denied them this permission.  Illy-t noted that most appeals are usually done after the circuit court hearing is concluded.

This means that Rindfleisch will have to complete her criminal hearings before she can appeal this ruling.

If she's found innocent, she obviously will have no reason to appeal anything.

However, if she is found guilty, she will have to decide to fight on having the trial heard all over again in another county or if she just wants to fight the ruling on its merits.

And if she chooses to fight it along either path, Walker better raise some more money in his Legal Cooperation Fund, since it's being said that he is bankrolling her defense.  At least some of his cross-country graft will help a few people in Wisconsin out.

*My apologies to Jerry Herman.

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  1. "At least some of his cross-country graft will help a few people in Wisconsin out."

    Walker style job creation?