Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AFP - Americans for (middle class) Poverty are Coming!!

The extreme right wing the Koch Brothers front group Americans for Prosperity is flooding our great state with money and out of state right wing thugs.   Since we do not have Paul Revere to warn us when the redcoats are coming, we at CogDis will.   And the correct answer is ONE if by land as Americans for (middle class) Poverty already have an unheard of 70 field organizers running around corrupting our state, there is never enough for the billionaire leeches of our society so now they are recruiting a bunch of poor suckers and violent thugs from IL to bus into WI

The Americans for Poverty crew have not been this excited to screw over Americans since they spent millions trying to make sure you do not have access to healthcare! 


  1. I think they are going to prey on the elderly. What are those signs saying "Hands off our health"?

    Or they will do what they are famous for, give out false info. about the election and discourage people from voting.

  2. Isn't that something. Are they PAYING people to come here to protest? The right wing folks were complaining the union people protesting at the Capitol were not from Wisconsin but they have no problem at all when David Koch pays to have 40 bus loads of people come from across the nation. Where are the bus loads from all over Wisconsin?

  3. So basically, the Republicans can't get Wisconsinites to volunteer. Sweet. It looks like closing the Baraboo Victory Center due to a lack of volunteers wasn't an anamoly.

  4. lol....down south where I was raised, the segregationists used to call people like this, "Outside Agitators"....problem here is, these folks are too old and apathetic to agitate anything!

  5. More proof that anything the repugnant Republicans complain of their opposition doing, they have it in their own strategy play book.