Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Incredulous Corporate Media Is Incredulous

When I first read the smear piece by Brian Sikma of Media Trackkkers, I thought maybe he was auditioning for the Onion, it was so laughable.

Sikma, in an ongoing effort to besmirch the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, has now stooped to stalking county employees to try to conflate and obfuscate the least minutia of dirt into a scandal.

For that purpose, he is reporting that the lead investigator into the Walkergate investigations has a "Recall Walker" sign in his yard and a blue fist poster on their door.

My God! Surely that shows that the investigation is biased, right?!

Well, no.  Sikma himself belies his own innuendo:
Budde’s anti-Walker sentiments are quite strong. He has given small campaign contributions to John Chisholm in the past, and his wife, also a county employee (as of February) but not employed in the District Attorney’s office, signed the Walker recall petition.
OK, I'll admit I don't know how donating to Chisholm suddenly becomes having anti-Walker sentiments.  But then again, I'm not an unbalanced fool in the pay of one of the myriad of right wing propaganda groups either.

But the fact that Mrs. Budde is also a county employee, and union member, would go a long way in explaining the sign and poster. Indeed, the impeccable DA, John Chisholm, stated as much.

Maybe Sikma doesn't believe that women should have a right to an opinion, much less express said opinion.  After all, he has shown his misogynistic ways when he said that Randy Hopper's extramarital affair was perfectly fine except for being merely "poorly timed."

Good thing that there's really no War on Women, right?

But even if Mr. Budde had put those signs up, he'd be well within his rights, per the civil service code, on which I had to lecture Sikma about before.

Sikma then illustrates his desperation and depravity by trying to conflate Budde's wife's activism for somehow controlling the entire investigation.

Unfortunately for Sikma, his attacks don't even begin to explain why Darlene Wink already pleaded guilty to committing acts of illegal campaigning on county time, or all of the other evidence of wrong-doing.

Even more incredulously, after the depraved and dishonest endorsement of Scott Walker, Journal Broadcasting reaffirms their corporate media status by not only running this tabloid piece in their paper, but also on their radio and TV news.

One might expect such folderol from Sikma, but apparently Journal Broadcasting is so invested in Walker's future that not only do they undercover the actual investigation, they perpetuate the attack pieces that distinguished justices, judges and law professors have decried.

So what can we do to counter these miscreants and reprobates and their malicious mud-slinging?

The most effective weapons we have are shoe leather and the breath in our lungs.  Take to the streets and make sure that you get your family members, your neighbors and your friends to go out and vote Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and the Republican senators out of office.

Only then, maybe, just maybe, they'll come to realize that the people will not surrender to their hostile takeover.


  1. I notice not one word from Sikma on any mistakes of fact in the criminal complaints.

  2. When will the press wise-up to Media Tracker's tricks? Media Trackers wants to be treated like "media". They want you to think they're a crack team of investigative reporters, a "news service," but they don't act like journalists. If a journalist was so stupid as to think they need not seek comment from people who are primary to their story, their editor would whack them over the head and not publish the story.

    Look at the pattern: Media Trackers publishes a piece containing a fact or two wrapped in layers of innuendo. Within minutes of posting to the web, they start the "Why isn't the mainstream media covering this? They must be biased!" routine. Wisconsin Reporter, a similar group, joins in the chime. Charlie Sykes covers it on his next show. A "story" has been created. Presto. "Stop hitting yourself," they say to the newspapers.

  3. Sikma likes to attack the wives of people he is upset with, as we get closer to the election and the polls start to show Sikma's side losing I worry for their children.