Friday, May 18, 2012

Scott Fitzgerald A Year in Review

The former Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has had an interesting year.  Prior to The extremist wing of the republican party taking over our state, no one even knew who he was.   The Fitzgerald family had been flying under the radar with your average Wisconsinite, happily sucking off the public teat but then they decided they wanted more.  That as we have seen was a mistake.   Lets take a look at the last year plus of Scott Fitzgerald. 

Let's start with the passing of ACT 10 and the subsequent departure of the Democratic 14.  Scott Walker introduced ACT 10 on a Friday afternoon and wanted it passed by the following Tuesday.  Well we all know the rest of this story but in case you forgot a few details.  The Assembly democrats could not leave due to the assembly rules so their best option was to try and offer up amendments and speak to the horrors of ACT 10. The assembly republicans had enough democracy for one night and took a 17 second surprise vote, received the number they needed and ran out of the room(Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.) did say this election was about courage. Since Fitz's brother delivered his house to the passage of ACT 10, that left Fitz the elder as the one needing to get it through the senate.  Since he was stuck, boy was he pissed.

Scott Fitzgerald was so  mad that he yelled, bullied and intimidated a woman so badly she called the police on him.   Fitz was also so mad that he tried to have Mark Miller and the rest of the 14 democrats arrested.  Unfortunately for Fitz, it appears he wrote out warrant for the arrest of the 14 democratically elected state Senators in original German and the state troopers were unable to read it(Despite the fact that a crony appointment put Fitzgerald's dad in as his head of the troopers).   It was starting to get into March and the Senators were not back yet, and Fitz was getting even more upset.  So instead of trying to intimidate women or have more people arrested he had a two step plan.

Step 1.  Run to Fox News and whine:

Step 2.  Break the law to get it passed, since he knew David Prosser had his back.  

After all of these extreme actions and lawbreaking, the Fitz Brothers deserved a break, and they got hungry:

The Fitzgerald brothers so badly screwed up Wisconsin that the only thing to do was sing about it.

Also, the whole time that they were eating whip cream(do you think they even know those are not real pies?) They were deciding the electoral fate of WI over the next ten years by redistricting our state.  The problem with that was, they ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills AND did it all in complete privacy.  Scott Fitzgerald forced every elected representative to sign secrecy agreements to never tell anyone how badly, and unethically they redistricted our state.

Which brings us to where we are now.  Scott Fitzgerald is facing a recall, and will be facing Lori Compas on 6/5.   Scott Fitzgerald is extra mad, that a woman is running against him, because he has no respect for women

Scott Fitzgerald is so distraught, that all he does now is drive around in his foreign made Toyota, with no seat belt and a strange woman!

He must be recalled!

PS:  if you know who this woman is, please email me at Also if you can think of events I missed please include them in the comments.  It has been a very long year!  


  1. Don't forget the $18,128 that Wisconsin taxpayers paid Big Fitz not to travel 55 miles.

    1. thank you very fitting for this, I knew i was forgetting some things.

  2. Wow Jeff I was not surprised to see the tabloid crap at BB but I thought you were above such garbage. But I guess when progressives have failed at every turn of this recall, no Falk, the democrat candidate who does not care about collective bargaining,and has turned his back on the unions, you will do whatever you can. BTW Jeff you should put aside your bigotry and get educated, Toyota has a large presence in the United States with six major assembly plants in Huntsville, Alabama; Georgetown, Kentucky; Princeton, Indiana; San Antonio, Texas; Buffalo, West Virginia and Blue Springs, Mississippi. And the best news for all of those people working at them no UAW to drag them down.

    1. Don't forget that those non-union workers also make about half the pay. Gotta keep that pay gap widening! Don't want people to get ahead in life, do we?

    2. Watf its funny we spend trillions to "bring democracy" to Iraq and then kiss ass of places like China and Japan.

      However your leaving out most of the story. Toyota's profits here go directly overseas where the Japanese government not only highly subsidized Toyota, they also give all of their employees healthcare.

    3. Problem is, all written is true.

    4. Yeah capper I guess making $21 an hour is an insult and they would be much better off taking the progressive lifestyle of choice government handouts instead of working.

    5. Toyotas recent reliability problems, coupled with Government investigation, on top of voluntary recalls, combined with their recent years of "G.M.-style" management of quantity over quality, has all led to Toyota losing sales.

      I would not be surprised if a big company, headquartered half-way around the planet, would start lobbying at easing any thing Government-wise.

      Of course, cost-cutting can only go so far. I hope Toyota realizes this and adopts Henry Fords old-school style of paying people well so they can realistically afford more than just a new Toyota.

      Henry Ford, was of course, a commie.
      Look at which of the big three fared the best lately,,,,...

      Very true on the profits of Toyota going right back overseas.

      And this is global. Like Kuwait. Remember that little country from Bush Iraq war 1?

      That country uses its petroleum production to provide (DUH_DUH_DUH-DUUUUUH!!!) NATIONAL HEALTHCARE!!!! Holy cow, if you purchase oil from Kuwait you pay for someone else's free healthcare; and they probably don't even work in the oil industry!

      Ha, local-yocal 'Cons only focus on their own pocket book. Why bother changing their selfish narrow minds?

    6. Is there a problem with $21/hr? DO you think that is extravagant??

    7. would you turn a job down that paid you $21.00 an hour jeff because it was BELOW your standards? Would you rather have your family on the government dime instead of lowering yourself to only work for $21 an hour Jeff. What is wrong with union people?

    8. Your argument doesn't even make sense, and easily falls apart upon the the most basic scrutiny. Aren't people like you troubled by the the fact that your claims comprise the same fatuous points made over and over, even when they're completely illogical?

    9. So Jeff why do you refuse to answer, would you work for $21 an hour or would you not?

    10. WATF, assembly line jobs require lots of repetitive movement.
      Assembly lines are on a schedule to maximize efficiency.

      Not everybody is getting $21 an hour on that line.

      And don't forget, many, many, many parts and sub-assemblies are made in other locations by other companies.

      How much of that car came from Mexico? And you know the Mexicans are not getting $21/ hour.

      Nor the workers in many European countries.

      Your one line of $21/ hr is typical of an easily "sold" Republican mentality, MATF.

  3. At Old World Wisconsin, for the 4th of July, they have a pie eating contest and the pies are just whipped cream too.

    That was so funny...I am still laughing. Thanks.

  4. This needs to be made into a youtube video and go viral asap!!! Loved it. A fan of yours from Northern Virginia, now living in the Midwest.
    Thanks for keeping us all informed of the goings on in WI!! Will be watching on June 5 for WI to take back their Democracy.

    1. How about his blubbering diatribe on the Senate floor against Kathleen Falk, and another one where he yelled at Dems 'Next year's budget will be even worse.' He also said the same thing last week to the Jefferson newspaper, then dojubled back when Walker's DOR released their fake surplus.

      Oh, and getting abused by Lori Compas at a listening session and then shouting her down also has to qualify

    2. That "nest year" budget statement has me worried.

      The 'cons probably gave every tax AND FEE (don't forget about those!) break possible so very little goes into our state.

      Spend it forward, Walker. Nice job.

  5. Good ones Jake. I purposely held the Kathleen Falk ramble out though because she didnt win and I wanted people to watch these instead!

    The "next years budget will be even worse" is a good one. The Lori Compas at a listening session is one i should go back in and add. She was so calm and he was such an ass. Its more relevant now because we know he was lying and she was correct. The massive fraud was non existent!

  6. Capital One flagged ‘Friends of Scott Walker’ for credit card fraud.

    "Nellis told a Capital One representative she had not made the donation to Walker, who is fighting an effort to recall him as governor in a closely watched, expensive election set for June 5.

    “Over my dead body,” said Nellis, a potter and retired teacher in upstate New York who describes herself as “adamantly angry and upset” at Republicans such as Walker. Nellis disputed the charge and she was issued a new card. "


    "Walker’s campaign spokeswoman, Ciara Matthews, emailed ProPublica on May 10 under the subject line of “follow up.”

    “I received a message about the story you are doing,” she wrote. “The campaign does not comment on internal matters.” "

  7. internal matters? Shouldn't they be warning people not to contribute or shouldn't they be denying that it is happening?

    1. If their camp is not responsible for the security breach, or any other nefarious act... they most assuredly should warn donors or make some sort of a statement. Something beside we do not comment on internal matters... Sheesh--makes 'em sound guilty, or someth'n.