Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cowardice Has a Name

Orville Seymer

We found out the person behind this cowardly hate flyer that was circulated in Janesville over the weekend.  Not only was this ridiculous and hate filled but it was meant strictly to intimidate the teachers of Janesville.  Well one person stepped forward to deflect the credit from the people who actually circulated the attack. 

HT Democurmudgeon:

Seymore on the anger of anonymous unpopular cowardly tea party snakes: "They're angry that the teachers are getting such a good deal, and the taxpayers are paying for that.
Well Mr. Seymer if its such a good deal, why aren't you doing it? Here at Cog Diss we do our research and have come upon breaking news. It appears that Mr. Seymer is still bitter that his acting career piqued in 1984.


  1. CRG's Kleismet said they made the open records request. Seymour says the same thing. It sounds like many people would like to hear about the others who actually wrote, printed, and distributed the flyer.

  2. They also said they did it at the request of some people from Janesville.

    Thats one way to affect change, snipe and stay anonymous....

  3. I believe the name is Orville Seymer, not Seymour, for those who wish to do various Google searches.

    Ironically, he was heading an aborted recall campaign of then Gov. Doyle in 2009.

  5. Booger was played by Curtis Armstrong

  6. You mean Curtis Armstrong and Orville Seymer are not the same person???

  7. Does Orville Seymer have relatives in Greenville, South Carolina?

    I think there was a brother or cousin, generating some comment recently...but I might just be confused. George something or other..

    I'll google and report back.

  8. CRG is well-connected with all the usual RW groups in Wisconsin (AFP, MacIver, Bradley Fdn). Someone funded this attack; we should look into a certain RW Koch crony, recently outed as a huge Walker supporter - someone who wants to "turn us into a completely red state, and do something about these unions." I read that she wasn't too pleased with all the exposure she's been getting recently.

    1. I would think job creator Diane Hendricks would be proud to get free publicity.

      "roofing, self made." (Do you think this person has ever been on a roof?)

    2. No, but her husband who she built the company with, has been. In fact, he died a couple years ago after falling off a roof.