Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brett Davis

Remember this guy? Rumor has it he is a "taxpayer watchdog": Brett Davis was the guy who Scott Walker wanted as his Lieutenant Governor, (yes lets not forget Scott Walker wanted NOTHING to do with Rebecca Kleefisch and worked very hard to make sure it was not her)! Well Mr Davis after he lost, vowed he was NOT done with Wisconsin politics.
"I plan to be involved in Wisconsin politics for a long time to come," Davis said.
We did not know at the time just how involved in politics Mr. Davis was, and I do not mean the cushy crony state job he was given as State of Wisconsin Medicaid Director (Was Brian Deschane busy). No we found out recently that Brett Davis is so involved in Wisconsin politics he had his house raided like the rest of the Walker Administration.
From ... -- The attorney representing former Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch says he plans to challenge evidence seized from the homes and offices of other former Walker staffers as well as former state Rep. Brett Davis as part of his defense for Rindfleisch against the charges filed against her in the ongoing John Doe investigation. Attorney Frank Gimbel said court records he’s now reviewing show the raids were executed in 2010 at the homes and/or offices of former Walker aides Tim Russell, Darlene Wink and Jim Villa, along with Davis. He said prosecutors also seized email and phone records for all of them in the raids, which he learned of recently after filing a discovery request. He said he’s only gone through a portion of the thousands of documents prosecutors have turned over to him so far.
So Brett Davis, who probably oversees more contract dollars than any other state official is having his house raided and files seized for illegally using taxpayer money, and still keeps his job. I wonder if Scott Walker has made any other hires this bad? At least he tells the truth right? Oops, not so much! My question is what does a "Strong Conservative" like Brett Davis tell his kids as the FBI is raiding his house?
Contact Scott Walker and let him know that Brett Davis can NOT be trusted with our Medicare dollars and to remove him immediately
!! Email Mail Office of Governor Scott Walker 115 East Capitol Madison, WI 53702 Phone (608) 266-1212 OR
Division of Health Care Access & Accountability Administrator Brett Davis 608 266-9622


  1. Scott Walker and Brett Davis have a very special relationship.

  2. Gareth we need to find out how extensive that bond is. I don't think this man should still be handling state money or even be collecting a pay check from my taxes.