Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Our Future Holds If Walker Wins

Michael Rosen explains (emphasis mine):

...The South Carolina governor recently promoted a package of “reforms” that will give South Carolina the toughest right-to-work laws in the nation. And Haley wants to take right-to-work national: “Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate right-to-work states. Mitt Romney appreciates right-to-work states,” she said after endorsing Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination. “I need a partner in the White House.” In fact, Haley needs a lot more than that. Her “it” state has experienced a 4 percent decline in wages since she took over—no small matter in a state that has historically had some of the lowest wages, weakest public services and most dismal education scores in the United States. Indeed, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian says of Haley: “Rather than campaigning with Walker or Romney, she ought to sit in a classroom in an under-performing school.” Haley has opted to skip the school visit and campaign in Wisconsin. And that raises some questions for Scott Walker. The governor of Wisconsin—who told Congress and the people of Wisconsin he’s not anti-union—ought to be asked what he thinks about Nikki Haley’s “unions are not welcome” rhetoric. The Wisconsin governor should also be asked about the lengths to which a state should go to become what Haley describes as an “it” state. Should unions be busted? Should education funding be cut? Should public services be shut down? And should economic development be based on raiding other states?...

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