Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Not Just for me personally"

Governor Walker released "new " jobs numbers for Wisconsin today that made it look like he was actually doing his job. However, we @ cog_dis showed you how he is just playing a shell game with the numbers and no matter how he does it, we are dead last in the nation in job creation. Walker is using numbers that no other state in our union are using.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics survey is more widely used, but Walker points out it is a poll, whereas the Department of Workforce Development figures are hard numbers. However, it is highly unusual to use the DWD numbers, according to Marquette University’s Economics Department chairman Abdur Chowdhury. “No other state in the union uses that data. Usually what states do is go with the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The reason Scott Walker wants to use this data is it’s obviously more favorable to his administration,” Chowdhury said.
The thing is to get these new numbers, is fairly labor intensive by the Department of Workforce Development(DWD). Why would the DWD and Governor Walker spend the taxpayer time and money to come up with new numbers, when Scott Walker himself has held press conferences touting the wonders of the old way to track unemployment? Like so many other issues, to find out why these things happen you have to listen to the words of Scott Walker himself. at Approximately 1:10 into this news report Scott Walker tells us why he has had the DWD using taxpayer funds and public service man hours, to come up with these new numbers. To help his campaign of course.
"Thats good news, not just for me personally..."
Hmm do we have the Department of Workforce Development to find good news for Scott Walker's campaign? is that a legal and productive use of public money and services? or could that time maybe be used for something more productive? Maybe using taxpayer money to fund his campaigns is all that he knows?

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