Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walkergate: Not One Plea Of Innocence

For two months, the Walker propagandists - most notably the slimy, racist, misogynists at Media Trackers - have been trying their best to besmirch the good names and reputations of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and his crew.  They're so desperate as to go around stalking his staffers to find the remotest thing to conflate into a scandal that only their feverish eyes behold.

They have gotten so carried away with their effort to find something, anything, they could use as a weapon that some of the most prestigious people in the field of law wrote a joint letter to tell them to knock it off.

Not only did this not deter them from their attempts at character assassination, the right wing desperados are now trying to smear the Honorable Neal Nettesheim.

It reminds me of a group of children when one of them gets caught doing something naughty.  They'd rather blame the person who caught them than the person who did the misdeed.

But the one thing we've never heard from any of them is the claim that the charges or the investigation are without merit.

They've never said that Darlene Wink was framed. They never said that the charges against Kelly Rindfleisch are trumped up and false.  They never came to the defense of Tim Russell or his partner in life, in business and in crime, Brian Pierick.*  None of them even mention Kevin Kavanaugh.

Nor have any of them declared Scott Walker to be innocent.  Heck, even Walker's never claimed to be innocent.

I guess there just might be - and I hesitate to say it for fear of being proven wrong - but there just might be a limit to the lies they will tell.

Of course, if they did try it, it would be a lot harder for them to spin now:
Gov. Scott Walker's campaign has transferred another $100,000 to the defense fund used to pay his pricey criminal defense lawyers in the lengthy John Doe investigation into activities during Walker's time as county executive.

Newly filed campaign reports show Walker's campaign transferred $70,000 to the Scott Walker Trust on May 3 and another $30,000 on May 17.

That bring the total the first-term governor has put in the defense fund to $160,000 in the past six weeks.
That's on top of the money that he has already spent out of his own pocket, which brings the total up to the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars spent just for cooperating and complying.

Coincidentally, there's been word that Walker was meeting with the DA earlier this month.  Could it be that he was giving his testimony about the alleged bid rigging?  Or was it any of the myriad of other things he could be charged with?

Plus there's that nagging rumor that he is funding the defense for any number of the five remaining members of the Walker Six who are still going through the legal process. It wouldn't be shocking that Walker is willing to spend other people's money to defend these louts**, especially considering he's made it perfectly clear that he's willing to throw the whole lot of them under the bus if it's in any way politically convenient.

Something tells me that as soon as Walker got the approval to transfer that money, he was cutting a check to the attorneys.  It would also explain why I got no less than four emails this week from his campaign begging for money.

It will be interesting to see if any of the Walker Six, especially Rindfleisch and Russell, will rethink their defense strategies now they know that Walker won't be pardoning them.

This also might explain why there is so much flailing around by the propagandists. They know that even if they were somehow to pull of the election, they've still lost.

*Well, actually Wigderson gave a tepid effort of saying Pierick shouldn't be charged.  Why he's defending the most vile of all the charges, I won't even pretend to know.

**If Walker is using his legal defense fund to defend any of the people charged thus far, it could get real interesting, since that would be illegal as well.  Unless he wants to admit they were agents of his campaign, which would be an admission of guilt to the illegal politicking.  His people aren't as smart as they like to pretend they are.


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  4. That's $320,000 for cooperating and complying!

    $160,000 to his legal cooperation fund and $160,000 to campaign compliance attorney.