Monday, May 21, 2012

What State Do These Guys Live In?

It surely is NOT Wisconsin, unless of course the editorial staff was to busy watching Donald Driver in Dancing with the Stars.  In one of their most ridiculous editorials ever, they argue that endless recalls hurt Wisconsin.  The problem with that of course, is that it is a false premise!  

No one wants endless recalls, hell we would like our politicians to explain to us what they planned on doing when they were campaigning.   Unfortunately Scott Walker did the exact opposite.  When you govern so egregiously, and lie so blatantly, you become subject to a recall by the citizens.   When there are numerous videos like this out there and you make phone calls like this - this happens and recalls are justified.    

On the other hand, when you try and recall politicians who are governing according to the will of the people, the extremists might try and recall them, but those recall efforts will crash and burn.  

So your premise that we will have "endless recalls" is false.  This state has proven that if a politician is doing their job, they will not be subject o being recalled and if they are not they will face the will of the people before their term is up.  

In case you do not believe me, just look at Shril LaBarre, she tried to recall the honorable Senator Jauch and despite having unlimited resources, massively failed!   

Endless recalls would hurt the state of Wisconsin, but since we have proven that to be impossible, we see what really hurts Wisconsin is politicians who say one thing and govern according to ALEC. When a Governor's main governing strategy is to "divide and conquer.

This recall is more than justified.  Please vote Tom Barrett on June 5th!  


  1. Good post. If recalls were too easy and endless, the GOP would have already recalled every Democrat in state government. Last I saw, the Dems are still there, and picking up momentum.

  2. It is not easy and I have resented having to get involved in politics at times, other times, it has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

    I enjoyed the song.

  3. It is the height of hypocrisy for Walker to scream about harmful recalls when he was first elected to public office during a recall! Every Wisconsinite should be aware of his flimsy charge.