Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Are Honored

United Wisconsin gives us a most kind shout out:
“a man and his blog…it’s a beautiful thing.”

But sometimes a man and his blog goes beyond just a thing of beauty, and becomes a potent force for exposing the truth in a time of near-universal deceit. If any blog in Wisconsin fits this description in the age of Walker, Cognitive Dissidence is that blog.

With hard-hitting analysis of all-things Walker, Cog Dis has been a go-to resource to get the other side of the story, a side few can expose with such depth and style.

Cognitive Dissidence began in 2008 as just one man exposing and fighting the corrupt and maleficent rule of Scott Walker as Milwaukee County Executive. Cog Dis has grown and now, supported and powered by the People of Wisconsin, continues its mission with a cast of regular authors and guest contributors, exposing Walker’s malfeasance and giving the people a voice to express their outrage as we fight to take back our great state.
Thank you.

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  1. Saw the clip last week and almost got teary at the sight of the protests again -- and at this part as well, but in another and angering way.

    Reminder: The film can be seen in special previews in Madison and Milwaukee. Not sure of the Madison info, but the Milwaukee preview is May 24 at the Oriental, the theatre always worth the price of admission in itself.