Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why You Should Unsubscribe From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Part ∞

You should drop your subscription because while they still won't ask Walker about his shady behaviors regarding his Legal Cooperation Fund or even ask Walker who is bankrolling it,  but they will talk about how it's "unlikely" Tom Barrett will get more than $24 million in the eight days between now and the election.

Why did they report on this? They even admit it won't affect the election that much. I haven't heard anyone, not even the most out of the world wing nut, speculate on this.  So they go with the non-story and do nothing to follow up on that.

Really? And these guys claim Pulitzers?

If you subscribe, drop your subscription now.  If you don't subscribe, call up the companies and explain to them if they don't stop supporting this corporate propagandist rag, you will stop supporting their company.


  1. I am so much more relaxed since I stopped my subscription last week. I didn't realize how stressed their editorials were making me.

  2. I suspect the MMAC has formulated a pact to keep the MJS afloat (ie, continue to advertise) in the wake of cancellations and drop in circulation. Direct pressure to mid-level retail advertisers may have some affect. The problem is, are people really going to boycott Summerfest because it advertises in MJS?

  3. We cancelled last week after the obnoxious endorsement in which the protests were called "tantrums". I miss the sports and several columnists but I could not deal with that editorial page.

    I was also tired of reading the idiotic community columnist pieces. If I buy a newspaper I want to read professional journalism, not the musings of tax accountants or teabagging church administrators.

  4. I stopped a year ago when they became the Waukesha Jourmal Sentinel.

    Love telling others to do the same.

  5. I had a realization this week that stopped me in my tracks, as a lifelong news junkie raised on the Journal and the Sentinel and on the dire need for a major city to have one or more daily newspapers, or so I was reared to think.


    I realized that I want the Journal Sentinel to die. I was raised to think that a newspaper was a necessary means of communication in a community, but we have alternatives now (or someone else can come start a new paper here). I was raised to think that a newspaper contributes something significant to a community.

    But this newspaper, the Journal Sentinel? It is just a force for evil now. It rarely serves the watchdog role that would have spared us from so much grief and sorrow, if it had committed acts of journalism when they were needed rather than catching up with bloggers. But for the occasional piece by Bice, I spend more time on Sudoku, which I also can find online, than on JS "news."

    And since the departure of Pimentel, the editorial page actually has become a force for evil, as was most evident in last week's endorsement after the board said that it would not do an endorsement, after the board would not meet first with both candidates but cancelled a meeting with one, etc. The blatant bias is all too obvious now, to the point that the board has no shame about it and is downright discourteous to its city's mayor.

    And the illogic of the endorsement! as now contradicted by its latest editorial, is another indication that this community would be better served if the JS would just STFU.

    Our subscription will not be renewed, either -- and believe me, for me that is a huge shift in my worldview. We live, we learn . . . unless we read the JS, a daily lesson in what must be unlearned to be an informed citizen.

    1. Why wait until the renewal is up? Call and cancel your subscription tomorrow.

    2. Cancel right away. Send a letter requesting a refund of the unused subscription balance.

  6. It is very easy to call and cancel. It took about 2 minutes and you will receive a refund.

  7. O. Ricardo Pimentel called me once after I left a message on his machine a few years ago. He seemed surprised when I called the JS right wing. He says people always call up and claim the paper is left wing. I was sad that he wouldn't fess up to the obvious. I refuse to buy the paper from now on. My great hope is that Lisa Kaiser could get together a real competition to the JS.

  8. I saw this (support of Walker) as something that this paper would do, quite a while ago, and did not renew my subscription long ago. Just a quick look at the editorial cartoons, shows you who is not in control of the paper: The same people who give us right wing talk radio. It is no doubt a milder form of right wing rhetoric, but it is not balanced anymore. I urge everyone cancel thier subscription too. We don't need ANOTHER right wing 'news', source, especially one on our very door step.