Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shirl LaBarre

STRIKES OUT!   So much for the never ending election cycle and political retribution.  Thanks to Shril Labarre for proving that you have to be seriously corrupt to mobilize the people into wanting to recall you!  People do not want to recall a politician who is actually representing their district!  

Wonder if Robin Vos took notice?  


  1. On their Facebook page, she keeps telling her followers that the recall effort has been "suspended", as if she has called a timeout and they will just pick up in a couple months where they left off. Nowhere that I can see has she told them that "suspend" means "ended" and picking back up later means "starting from scratch".

  2. I saw that you posted a link at their Facebook page; it is already gone. They're not real big on debate or dissent over there. :-)

  3. She also completely blocked me from commenting again.....

  4. Me too. And there have been at least a half-dozen others that I have noticed come and then go.

    My 'crime': after there was a guy who had reached his goal of getting a full 1% - 157 signatures - of the total needed out of the small town of Spooner (and good for him for the effort), I noted that the Walker Recall people had gotten 866 signatures from Spooner.

  5. I had concern with her previous campaign contributors.

    In some ways, I feel like Shirl LaBarre was almost getting used like a little pawn to gain more control for our wealthy friends.

    It's like Duffy, I mean, nice guy, but totally getting used by "job creators."

    Do you think Shirl LaBarre would be worth investigating concerning our formerly great housing market?